Why The German Shepherd Is A Perfect Puppy

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These dogs have a very imposing appearance that is not easy to ignore. They have a muscular build, which makes them look strong and capable of pulling your hand over. Although they are big, they still have a very low maintenance coat that is easy to groom and keep clean. Their coats come in a variety of colors.

Although most police dog breeds look alike, their appearances can vary quite a bit depending on the type of German Shepherd you choose. The Bichon Frise, Doberman Pincher, and Alsatian make good choices for families with children because they do not have any wrinkled or fluffy hair. If you want a dog that is not as snappy around children, consider choosing a Shih Tzu, Giant Schnauzer, or another breed that does not have a lot of hair to protect against things like toddlers’ fingers. German Shepherds should never be placed with infants because they may accidentally nip at the nose of an infant.

These Dogs Are Emotional And Helpful

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Although German Shepherds look intimidating, they are very loving and devoted to their owners. They make great police dog breeds because they can be trusted both on duty and off duty. They can be used as search and rescue dogs, bomb dogs, drug dogs, or even a guide dog for blind persons. A police dog breed such as this will always have its master’s undivided attention.

German Shepherds pups need to be socialized from a very early age. Even when they are puppies, you should spend a lot of time with them and develop a close relationship with them. It is important that your puppy learn how to respect other people and animals. This respect should carry over into adulthood, because the last thing you want your shepherd to do is to get into an accident or get harmed. In order for your German Shepherd puppy to develop this kind of respect, it is important that he sees you as the leader of his pack and he learns that you are the leader of his pack, too. You will likely spend more time training your German Shepherd puppy than he does you, so take this time to learn how to establish yourself as the head of his new pack.

They Are Obedient

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Another important characteristic of a responsible pet owner is a dog that respects their masters. Most German Shepherd puppies will nip at their masters when they go for a walk, but this behavior should diminish as the pup gets older. The problem with pups that constantly nip at their masters is that they may grow into insistent nipping dogs that will actually hurt the master in the end. As your German Shepherd puppy grows, you should begin taking her out more, even to the point of taking her to parks. By taking your German Shepherd to the park on a regular basis, she will learn that she is welcome in your company as long as you show her that you are her alpha male and take her for granted.

They Love Exercising

One trait common to all good GSD owners is their willingness to please their family members. This includes both you and your puppy. One way to encourage your puppy to do as you want is to make sure she gets enough exercise. German Shepherd pups love nothing more than being taken out for long walks. If you don’t provide your puppy with plenty of outdoor exercise, you are setting yourself up for a fight with her if she has an unruly tendency to snap at you when you try to stop her from doing something she does not want to.

As your German Shepherd puppy matures, she will begin to exhibit more obedience qualities as well. This includes not only becoming more secure in the company of her family, but she will also begin to obey to the commands you give her. One thing you should always remember is that you are the sole leader of your German Shepherd pup, so treat her like a true member of the family. By maintaining this attitude toward your pups, you can have a healthy, happy relationship with your German Shepherd puppy.


German Shepherds make wonderful family pets. If you are looking for a loyal, gentle, and intelligent breed to have as a family pet, a German Shepherd might be a great choice for you. They are quick to learn new tricks and are generally healthy dogs. They have one of the highest success rates of any dog in the tested and proven breeds. If you are considering getting a German Shepherd as a possible new addition to your family, take some time to consider the personality and the training requirements of your dog, and you should have a great dog for years to come.

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