What Does A Different Sleeping Dog Position Tell Us?

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Everyone has a distinct pattern of sleeping. It is a matter of sheer comfort at large. Based on this position people can have quality sleep. It is immensely important to have quality sleep by all. Our health depends on it. A night of good sleep can help to prevent a range of diseases. The body stays in perfect health because of it. Considering from all these angles, the position of sleeping is very important for not only us but for dogs as well. they too have distinct patterns to be seen when it comes to sleeping. This is truly intriguing to note in this regard. We shall explore about different sleeping dog position in this article and try to decode meanings of them.

Decoding Sleeping Dog Position

A close up of a dog

One needs to understand what a sleeping position of a dog might mean. Based on that several behavioral consequences can be found that people need to reckon with. There are distinct ways through which it can be figured out. One of the best ways to do so is plain and simple observation. The various sleeping dog position has to be observed and based on that conclusions need to be derived. Here we shall discuss the different aspects of it.

Side Sleeping Dog Position

A close up of a dog lying on a bed

This is when dogs sleep on the side. This is one of the most common positions to be found. It can be seen in a range of dogs. Both domestic and street dogs show this position. It is so significant because it has several consequences associated with it. The main meaning that can be pointed here is that the concerned dog in this case is feeling safe as well as secure and hence is sleeping in that manner. These dogs tend to be most loyal and their personality is cheerful at large.

Lion Sleeping Dog Position

This is when the dogs sleep on their paws. Such dogs are proactive while might doze off at the same time. This is a healthy balance to be seen in this case. Mostly they are seen to rest all day but might wake up at a moment’s notice. They can sense danger well and their sleep is mostly light. That is why such dogs are preferred as pets.

Superman Sleeping Dog Position

These dogs sleep completely connected to the floor. They are usually very happy and are always eager to play. So much playing and other activities get them tired and then they go on to sleep in that manner peacefully and adorably.

Cuddler Sleeping Dog Position

These dogs do not sleep alone. They need a companion or might sleep cuddling the owner. They are very affectionate and can cry when left alone. They need constant attention and their behavior is largely adorable to most people.


Dogs like human beings have distinct patterns of sleeping which can tell volumes about their personalities. Here we explored some such options where it was found how the pattern of sleeping in the case of a particular dog can illustrate their behavior. All of these factors have been discussed in this article.

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