Understand Your Dog’s Behaviour Through Their Tail Position

A dog looking at the camera

When you have a dog in a home, it creates positive vibes which bring joy and peace to your life. Dogs communicate with humans through gestures or behavior. Dogs and humans are two different species, so both of them have to understand the body language of each other to communicate. You can tell a dog’s behavior by barking if they are excited or angry, but dogs do not express everything. After so many years of interaction and research, experts have concluded with the dog’s tail position. Dogs cannot sleep, so they try to give hints through their body movement, and we have to understand their movement. Once you pay attention to their tail, you can tell what they feel and want to say. Tails in dogs provide them balance and sometimes to communicate with other dogs and humans. You can make dogs happy by scratching between their ears or under their jaw, but do you try to understand what they are trying to say, so notice their tail whenever you say or do something. Hence, if you have a dog at your home and see them swinging their tail everywhere but do not know what they are trying to say, then nerd out on our article about understanding your dog’s behavior through their tail position and communicating with them your dog.

High And Tilted Upward; Dog’s Behaviour Through Their Tail’s Position

A close up of a dog

When you are around your dog trying to understand his language and see their tale raised upward and still, they are confident. The dogs raise their tale in surroundings where they feel confident and active, showing other dogs how confident they are. When you take your dog for a walk on the road or park and see another dog, they will raise their tail. High tail is a sign to other dogs that they should not mess with him in a polite way. However, the dog can be slightly aggressive, so you’re the leash tight whenever you see your dog’s tail upward and still.

High And Fast Wagging; Dog’s Behaviour Through Their Tail’s Position

A dog sitting in the grass

Whenever you notice your dog wagging his tail fastly, and their mouth is open, then your dog is trying to tell you his excitement. Your dog knows or expects something exciting from you when they move its tail fast. After wagging the tail, your dog may start jumping and stomping their paws on the ground hard, or sometimes dogs even lose their control due to excitement. You can see the wagging of your tail when you are giving your dog his favorite food or treats.

Straight And Relaxed Tail Position

When your dog’s tail is straight and relaxed, your dog has become active and listening to what is going around them. Dogs try to be calm and understand everyone in their surroundings. Some dogs stay relaxed while eating, so their tail position is straight while eating.


As an owner, try to understand your dog’s tail movement and make them calm and happy whenever they feel danger. Make sure you love and care for your dog, and try to communicate with your dog through their tail.

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