Types Of Japanese Guard Dog Breeds

japanese guard dog breeds

The dog was originally bred to protect the family of the Japanese samurai warriors. In addition to guarding, the dogs were also used for hunting, herding, and for assistance when traveling abroad.

Dogs Were Bred For Other Uses

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As time passed, the dogs were bred for other uses, and the selection of dogs to guard was not limited by function. The dogs became more popular as pets. Today, the dogs are regarded as a prestigious breed. Their distinct guarding characteristics make them a favored choice for families with children. The size of the dogs varies, from eight to fifteen inches in height and between twenty-one and thirty-six pounds.

A number of factors are considered when determining the temperament and general appearance of the Japanese guard dog. These include the breed’s size, structure, and coat type. It is important to note that the dogs are different when it comes to shedding and hence it may be necessary to buy additional supplies to meet the particular needs of each dog.

The word “Gemiya” means “bone” in Japanese. The Japanese guard dog breed is known to be strong and sturdy with powerful jaws and powerful legs. They have strong, flexible bones and muscular control over their hindquarters. Their snouts are wide, which makes it easy to consume food that is thrown at them. Their long coats provide protection against the rain and harsh weather.

Not Make It Suitable For Delicate Or Small Children

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Since the breed is strong, it does not make it suitable for delicate or small children. The dogs should stay separated from each other during play. The American Kennel Club (AKC) classifies the Japanese dog as a Medium sized dog with medium physical power and a balanced, active, athletic development. These dogs may suffer from severe behavioral problems such as anxiety, aggression and destructive behavior. These problems can also result in the death of the dog, if improperly handled.

The AKC also recognizes three other guard dog breeds: Shih Tzu, Akita, and Chow. All of these are recognized by the American Kennel Club and the United States Army. All of these dog breeds have some characteristics in common, however they differ aesthetically in appearance. The Shih Tzu is smaller than its Akita counterpart, while the Chow is of average height and weight for its size.

Makes It An Excellent Candidate For Guarding

The size and strength of the Japanese guard dog make it an excellent candidate for guarding. Guard dog breeds are also recognized by the Japanese Red Cross and even the Japanese government. Japanese guard dog breeds are not only used for guard duty, but they are also used as police dogs and assistance dogs. In the armed forces, the Yoruichi Shihoin, or White Shepherds, are the most commonly used. In Japan, the Shihoin is used in both the police force and the army.


While there are many different types of Japanese guard dog breeds, they all serve the same purpose. They are used to protect people and property in the event of emergencies. These dogs have served many useful and noble purposes throughout history, and they will continue to do so.

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