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list of Japanese dog breeds

Dogs hail from all parts of the world with Japan having great love and reverence for dogs. Dogs are their national treasures with the native dog breeds dating back to thousands of years. The list of Japanese dog breeds is rare with most being special. Anyone owning these special dog breeds is not only lucky but Japan’s native dogs come with interesting histories. Some of these beautiful Japanese dog breeds are listed as under: 


Top list of Japanese dog breeds

Shikoku belongs to the island of Shikoku with this breed of dogs being used by the hunters for hunting down wild boars and playing tracking games. Being enthusiastic and alert on its tasks, Shikoku is a little bit intimidating too. These dogs are very docile making good pets and are medium in size.

Akita Inu

Have you heard of Hachiko, the Japanese dog statue at Shibuya? That is a well-known breed called Akita Inu that is larger and bulkier in size with its body covered totally in fur. You will not find this breed a lot in the city belonging to the Spitz family. It has certain traits like long fur, thick coat, and sometimes a double coat as well. They have a large bone structure with a bear-like face that looks so cute. The list of Japanese dog breeds is incomplete without adding Akita Inu to it. 

Kishu Ken

It’s a hunting dog found rarely in Japan. Legends say that Kishu Ken originated from the wolf’s family making them quite brave and intelligent. These are also more impulsive than other dog breeds. These dogs have a natural hunting instinct and so shouldn’t be left alone with other small dogs. They are very intelligent, making them escape to the woods secretly. These dogs are very active and love being outdoors. 

Japanese Spitz

If you are looking for a super cute and friendly dog, get hold of a Japanese Spitz. It’s really small and fluffy looking so lovely that you can cuddle with it all day long. It is a perfect companion dog having a long and thick coat of fur. It has pointed ears and wedge-shaped snouts. This dog breed is too obedient and energetic, often barking a lot if not given proper training. It’s very good for children and older people.

Kai Ken

list of Japanese dog breeds with its information

It’s one of the distinctive dog breeds are from Japan popular as the Tiger dog because of its coat’s color. These dogs were bred to be hunters in the wild games like the hunting of bears, deer, and fowls. These dogs are quick learners and intelligent enough to know the techniques of pleasing their owners. It’s an active dog with a natural hunting instinct.

Japanese Mastiff

It’s the largest Japanese dog breed from the Mastiff family and it’s a fighting and hunting dog. It has short and smooth hair mostly red or fawn. Also called Tosa Inu in Japanese, this dog breed is loyal, sensitive, and quiet. These are good with kids and excellent guard dogs.  


This is the list of Japanese dog breeds. Plan for one soon and you will love enjoying time with it! 

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