Top List of Japanese Dog Breeds as Pets

Japanese Dog Breeds

Strong, stout, intelligent canines from Japan are adorable everywhere. They make a fantastic companion, serve you emotional support and over time become a friend that you have been looking for years. Most of the Japanese dog breeds bear a rich legacy, which is well featured in their behavior and activities. If you are looking for a superstar pooch to bring in your family, a Japanese breed won’t be a bad choice.

Shiba Inu

Japanese Dog Breeds Make Perfect Companions
Japanese Dog Breeds Make Perfect Companions

This small fella has a huge personality. Ancient of the Japanese dog breeds known today, Shiba Inu belongs to a generation of Spitz that suffered almost extinction during Second World War. However, this 20 pound pooch brings the look of a fox with almond eyes, orange and white hairs covering it up, and prick ears. A stealthy hunter, agile, and highly intelligent Shiba is energetic, spirited, and pretty mischievous. But, they are quite stubborn at the same time, though proper training can make him adopt good socializing habits from childhood. Shiba Inu pups are priced at somewhere between $2000 and $4000.

Japanese Chin

This playful, cute, friendly, and well-mannered pup will make you feel home, every time you take it on your lap. Carrying an imperial bloodline (Well! they belong to a generation that used to reside in royal courts), Chin is one of the oldest breeds who demonstrates an interesting personality. They love to jump a lot. So, there will be frequent occasions, when it will suddenly jump out of your lap when you are trying to curl it up in your lap. Temperamentally, Chin is an out and out family dog, who loves watching television with the family members. Healthy Chin pups are available at nearly $2800.

Akhita Inu

Among the top Japanese dog breeds Akhita Inu is one of the most coveted choices for someone who is looking for a loyal pet. They are born loyal and well-manner. In fact, they would wait for hours in the training station, if his trainer is busy with other dogs at that moment. They also make awesome service dogs, if trained well. With a barely 26 inches of height, they weigh around 54 kilograms. Muscuar well-proportioned, and broad head Inu has a pair of adorable almond eyes. The breed is a bit moody and unpredictable. They remain friendly with their master throughout their life, but not actually a social fella. You can own an Inu by shelling out around $750 to $2000.

Japanese Spitz

A milky white, small pooch, this Japanese Spitz brings a long, dense fur and a fox like look with cute prick ears. Dark eyes and pointed face, however feature its intelligence level as well. Standing well alert , a Japanese Spitz starts barking like a mad, if any stranger approaches your gate. Due to this trait they are often referred as a natural security system. However, this breed of Spitz is an attention seeker, who loves cuddles round the clock. Featuring an energetic demeanor they can play all day long. This breed also demonstrates an unwavering loyalty. Japanese Spitz is a cross breed of Canadian White Spitz and a healthy Japanese Spitz pup costs around $2500.


Japanese Dog Breeds Are Friendly
Japanese Dog Breeds Are Friendly

This mid size dog comes with wild instincts. In fact, this is one of those absolutely domestic dog that completely resembles the look of wolves. Available in three fantastic fur color, red sesame, black sesame, and white, this wild domestic dog is a triangular faced loyal companions. They love indoors and outdoors at the same time, though they have got a natural instinct to hunt and explore. They demonstrate a strong-willed independence in every situation, though they are quite adaptive in nature. He is attention seeking and loves cuddles. Quite possibly, you won’t find this breed outside Japan and the price if a healthy Shikoku pup starts from nearly $2000.

So, if you are in love with dogs and looking for a pet, this Japanese fellas can make your choice list grow a little bigger.

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