Three Most Popular Japanese Breeds Of Dog

japanese breeds of dog

There are several known breeds of dog and one is the Japanese Shih Tzu. The Japanese Shih Tzu is one among the numerous types of dogs that are classified as ‘iao’. A ‘iao’ is used to designate any breed or type of dog that is closely related to Chinese. In China, the term ‘iao’ is used for various other dog breeds but is most often used for the Japanese Shih Tzu.

The Japanese Chin

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The Japanese Chin is regarded as one of the easiest dog breeds to house train. This Japanese Akita, which once belonged to Emperor Kishi, still continues a long procession throughout the globe, being transported to every territory where there is new emperor. Its long and strong body is ideal for a fighting dog, since it can exert great power when necessary. The average growth rate of this breed of dog is 6 months while some have been reported to grow faster.

The Japanese Chin has an average size of ten inches from its head to its tail. It has dark eyes and its slender, muscular body makes it look strong and confident. This breed of dog is famous for its long and silky hair, which can be found in various colors. Some have reddish colored coats while others have snowy white coats.

The Inu

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The Inu is another among the many known Japanese breeds of dog which is closely related to the Chin. The history of the Inu is incomplete and it is not clear as to when this breed of dog was first bred. However, historians have ascertained that the first records of this dog’s existence are in the China Stockades. These records mention that the first attempts at capturing the hunting dog were unsuccessful because the Chins refused to go on a hunting expedition.

The Inu still has its origin in China and it is now said to have been brought to Japan by the Chinese traders during the 10th century. During this time, the Japanese were becoming more interested in acquiring the inu and soon after the introduction of firearms, the Japanese started breeding double coats of fur for use in clothing and coats. They also wanted a dog, which could protect them against harsh weather. So the double coat was created and the name Inu was given to this breed. The double coats of Inu have thick, woolly hair and they have a double-layered coat on their undersides which is called the inu fur.


The three mentioned above are three of the Japanese breeds of dog. One is the herring dog, the second is the fox dog and the third is the Akita. All these dogs originated from the island of Japan more specifically the island of Japanese. You will find out more about them as you continue reading. There is much more information available on these and other great breeds of dogs.

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