Things That You Need To Know About Crate Training A Dog

crate training a dog

Never misjudge the concept of crate training a dog. From no angle, it supports training your pet by imprisoning it. Crate training a dog on the other hand proved beneficial in training your lovely by offering him/her a comfortable environment that is both quiet and safe. Also,

Crate Training A Dog, Let’s Begin

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Although many users consider crates to be magical instruments, they are not. It sure helps you manage your pet’s movement around the household, but using it cautiously is what it takes to make your dog get well trained. So lets’ learn few tips to not use your carte as –

It is not at all appreciable to use your crate as a means of punishing your dog. If you are using it, make sure to stop at this very instant. Why? Because with time, your dog will grow scared of the crate and eventually will stop entering it.

Next, it is advisable to not leave your dog inside the crate for a long period of time. If you leave your dog inside the crate for the entire day because you are not at home, make sure to return as soon as you can. Because if you are thinking of leaving your pet for the night as well, it would make your dog depressed and anxious with time. It is suggested to appoint a daycare or a pet sitter to deal with such scenarios.

Also, puppies who are not more than 6 months should not remain inside the crate for more than 2-3 hours. It is sincerely because they are not that capable to hold their bowel movement for that long. Pet owners should follow the same for adult dogs that are housetrained.

Maintain to crate your dog until they are able to stay alone inside your home avoiding all sorts of accidents and aggressive behavior. With time try promoting the training course from crate to another enclosed place such as your kitchen. Gradually with time, let it access the entire home.

How To Select Your Crate For Crate Training A Dog?

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Well, you can find several forms of crates exhibiting different shapes and sizes. There are several types too which you need to consider an important point before jumping into buying any. Take for instance there are –

Collapsible metal crate.

Flight kennel which is made of plastics.

And then there are fabric crates which are non-collapsible and have a sturdy frame

Training Process That You Need To Take Slowly

Step 1: Step one always involves a gentle introduction to the crate. Place the crate in your drawing-room. Also, put some soft blanket towels inside to make it homely. Several dogs being curious in instinct, would naturally enter and sleep inside. But if your dog is a fussy one, then you have to proceed very gently with a crate idea. Make them happy inside the crate. Put some treats or foods inside so that your dog enters to fetch the same. Continue with the idea until your dog becomes comfortable with the idea.

Step 2: Try spending more time inside the crate. The best idea is to feed your dog inside the crate, if you find your dog not supporting your thought, place the food bowl very close to the door inside the crate. With time, place the food bowl at a bit distance from the door of the crate. Once you find that your pet has become comfortable, slowly close the door and open the gate as soon as they finish having their meal. Continue the process as the situation demands.

Step 3: With time start engaging the crate session more. Eventually, your dog would feel at home inside the crate which would help you manage your life better. Also, it would help your dog in times when you leave your home for work, shopping, or for any emergency. With time, change the timing and slowly make it a night event. Keep a close watch on your dog once they fall asleep. With time you can move to your room when you find that your dog is sleeping soundly.


This is everything that you need to keep in mind before purchasing a crate. Crate training a dog is very easy, and the key to success is that you need to stay patient for every noble work takes time to finish. Likewise take time to slowly train your dog and with the time you will find that you have finished crate training your dog which would be lovely.

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