Therapy Dog Training for giving therapy to patients

Is Your Dog Fit For Therapy Dog Training?

Therapy dog training relieves the stress of other people. This kind of training depends upon the breed of the dog, temperament, and also on its personality. Here are some elements which define whether your dog is fit for such procedures or not.

Is Your Dog Fit For Therapy Dog Training?
Is Your Dog Fit For Therapy Dog Training?

What Is Therapy Dog Training?

A therapy dog gives love and affection to people who are dealing with emotional or physical pain. Medical facility centers have such people. The management allows therapy dogs to heal and comfort the stressful people. These dogs require no certifications but do need some prescription by the health care professionals.

What Is The Use Of Therapy Dog Training?

Therapy dogs give a lot of comfort and love to those dealing with emotional and physical stress. They allow individuals to cuddle them and this helps in reducing anxiety in patients. It also helps in increasing the amounts of oxytocin and endorphins in the body which are directly related to happiness. This benefit is for both. Therapy dogs displayed higher levels of endorphins and oxytocin.

Can I Take My Dog For Giving Therapy To Hospital Patients?

You cannot just take any dog to a hospital to give therapy. The dog also needs to be certified and registered by an organization. Only once a dog is certified can they become therapy dogs. They assess their behavior, temperament, and attitude..

Is Your Dog Fit For Therapy Dog Training?
Is Your Dog Fit For Therapy Dog Training?

Can Any Dog Get Therapy Dog Training?

Therapy training is best for social and friendly dogs. Furthermore, they should be adults and have to pass the Canine Good Citizen test for obedience. Moreover, the dog should be patient with kids and deal with them in a friendly and protective manner. The age and breed do not actually matter. Certain pups are also certified for training if they pass the temperament tests. A dog who is too bouncy or young may not pass the test.

How To Check Whether Your Dog Is Fit For Training

If your dog has a good temperament, likes affection and enjoys interacting with new people, then he might be good for such training. A dog with a calm demeanor is essentially important. People just want therapy dogs to sit by their side so that they can pet them. Your dog should also be very patient, calm, and composed. You need to groom these dogs well and ensure that they are not suffering from any health issues.

Final Step To Take Your Dog For TherapyTraining

Once you approve of all the above-mentioned characteristics, you are nearly there. You now only need to take your dog to a reputable institute. They will train him in certain aspects. Once the procedure is complete, the institute will certify your pet as a therapy dog. You will then get a call from hospitals or institutions that house distressed people. Furthermore, you will have to take your dog there and have him give therapy to people.

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