The Popularity of the Japanese Chin

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The Japanese Chin is a very lovely dog breed. This breed originated from the island of Japan and is one of the oldest dog breeds still around today. This type of dog was used for several purposes in ancient times. They were used as guides and guards, for hunting, herding, and even for sport. Because of their age and small size, they are not often used today as sports dogs or show dogs.

The Japanese had many other duties to perform besides these jobs. They were good hunters who went into the wild to hunt down their prey. They also became farmers and raised sheep, goats, and cattle. All these tasks gave the Japs plenty of time to bond with their dogs and enjoy them as companion animals.

Although the Japanese retained most of their hunting instincts, they did need some help when it came to hand-rearing their dogs. That is why these dogs became companion dogs. Today the Japanese are still excellent guide and protection dogs. They are loyal, friendly, and playful.

Dog Breeds Japanese Chin

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The Japanese Chin can be mixed with many other types of dog breeds. They are a mix between the Terrier and the Fox Terrier. Their intelligence is average but not as high as the Irish Wolfhound or the Doberman Pincher. They have a sweet temper and are well known for being trainable. They do make good watchdogs though and like to bark at cars. They are also very affectionate toward children.

Like many other dog breeds, the Japanese Chin is very vocal. However, they tend to bark at everything. That can include loud noises, the mailman, or any other type of dog or object that gets close to the Japans. When the Japans’ master is gone, they will do their very best to search for him. They will lie in their bed, whine, bark, and scratch till sleep comes.

These dogs love to please their owners. They will do anything from barking to jumping at a person walking by. So if you don’t want your yard invaded by these dogs you are in for a rough time. Their nails will stick out very easily, so you need to make sure you clip them often. The nails can even grow too long lengths and cause considerable problems.

The Japanese Chin is a healthy breed but there are some health issues that you need to be aware of. They have a tendency to suffer from eye tumors. If you don’t treat this problem early on, it can go completely blind. There is also a tendency for dogs to get cancer in their bodies. The most common cancer, they suffer from is squamous cell carcinoma. It is relatively rare for this to occur in humans.

A Much Ado

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So there are many great dog breeds to choose from. Make sure you know your options before making a final decision. This breed of dog will make a great pet for many people. They are gentle with children and can be loving without being smothering.

As with all dogs, there is plenty of grooming required in order to keep your Japanese Chin in the best condition possible. You should take him or her out often to prevent mats in the house. If they do get a mat, try to remove it as quickly as possible because it can become really unsanitary. This breed loves bathing but they need to be careful not to drown themselves in the bathwater. This breed will shed more than any other dog breed.

The Japanese Chin is one of those dog breeds that really doesn’t do too well in a home where there is no one to play with. This dog will growl and be aggressive when nobody is around. He or she is a great watchdog for when you are away, but otherwise, they are not very social. They do very well in a home where a lot of pets visit.

The Japanese Chin has some great health problems that you should be aware of. He or she may suffer from Hypoglycemia, which is a serious condition in which the dog suffers from severe weakness and severe drops in blood sugar levels. Heartworm is another serious problem for these dogs. If a dog has heartworm, he or she will need to be wormed on a regular basis.

Bottom Line

Another problem that is common with this breed is called Hypoglycemia and it is very similar to Diabetes. Again, the dog will go into ketoacidosis and will have severe seizures. He or she may also be at risk for brain damage if not treated in time. Be aware of these risks and always consult with your veterinarian regarding your dog’s health.

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