The Popularity Of Police Dog Breeds

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From this point of view, the police dog was created to aid law enforcement personnel by aiding them in catching criminals. Today, with the use of dogs being used for other purposes, the police dog breed has been modified to perform other functions such as search and rescue, bomb and radiation detection, tracking, and the detection of missing persons.

Historically, the first working dogs used by police were of German origin. German Shepherds were originally bred to be used for the sole purpose of herding sheep. The resulting working dogs became known as Schutzhund and Bandog. These breeds of police dogs today assist police departments in finding missing persons and investigating suspicious activities and document theft. Working dogs like the German Shepherd are also invaluable for bomb and radiation detection by helping police departments locate lost people while searching for possible suspects in these cases.

German Shepherd

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The working dogs of today have evolved to perform tasks not considered practical when the German Shepherd was first used for. One example of this evolving is the utilization of dogs to detect explosives or dangerous chemicals. In this case, bomb and radiation detection dog breeds would be used instead of the standard German Shepherd. This is one of the many examples of police dog breeds that are now performing a broader spectrum of duties.

In addition, police dog breeds are now more intelligent than ever. One of the most intelligent breeds is the Doberman Pinscher. Although this breed is not typically thought of as a good watchdog, it is highly trained and can be very alert towards potential intruders. Other examples of traits of this breed that make it an excellent candidate for a canine watchdog include guarding children, watching you when you’re gone, and remaining calm when protecting your home.

Search-And-Rescue Operations

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Many police dog breeds are also excellent at handling search-and-rescue operations. These breeds can assist in finding missing people, transporting accident victims to the hospital, and tracking people down after a vehicle accident. They can even detect the presence of narcotics or illegal drugs. Some examples of working dogs that have aided law enforcement include Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Rottweiler, and Weimaraner Spaniel.

Police dog breeds are also used to assist hunters during private investigations and so are best suited for these jobs. Examples of jobs for police dog breeds would include tracking, scenting, and retrieving. Trackers are best suited for large, hard-to-find items, while trackers can detect small items like pillows and furniture, as well as human scent. Scent hounds are best suited for searching small areas where scent trails might be visible.


Retrievers are great for retrieving material like luggage from luggage carts and furniture in busy rooms. One more job for police dog breeds is assisting special forces, such as the FBI, in locating missing persons. Many victims of missing people have been found with their wrists bound. Tracking dogs are equipped with the ability to locate a lost person and alert authorities if they hear or see any movement.

K-9s are even equipped with collars that allow them to identify and find small objects. Lastly, K-9s can search for small pets like birds and squirrels, by scent, texture, color, or size. Not only do these types of police dogs perform wonderful jobs, they are also very popular with dog owners and they love spending time with their favorite dogs!


Of course, police dog breeds are not just used for search and rescue. Dog owners also choose police dog breeds for protection. K-9s are excellent at detecting hidden drugs, stopping break-ins, and even apprehending dangerous criminals. Police K-9s work closely with detectives and the police to capture criminals on charges of burglary, drug crimes, pet thefts, domestic violence, kidnapping and more. These brave dogs also protect the public at large from harm, by catching and arresting criminals who have stolen, staged accidents, attacked other drivers and others.

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