The Oldest Japanese Dog Breeds

oldest japanese dog breeds

If you’re looking for the oldest Japanese dog, then the Inukagumi might be the right choice for you. This breed originated several centuries ago during the Edo Period (from 1721 to 1821) and is known for its strength, dignified bearing and beautiful hair. These traits make the Inukagumi among the oldest Japanese dog breeds in the world.

The Inukagumi

Japanese Dog

The Inukagumi is also one of the oldest Japanese dog breeds. It was developed during the reign of the Meiji Period, when the soldiers brought these dogs from China. The soldiers used them as a weapon against the enemy troops and they gained good reputation and loyalty. They are great as companion dogs and were always used as service and protection dogs in the military.

The Inukagumi was also among the first Japanese breeds to gain fame outside Japan. Their popularity increased even more when the World War II broke out and the soldiers found out how useful these dogs could be in close combat. During the world war ii, the demand for these dogs rose drastically and a number of these became casualties when the enemy fired on them. During this period, some of them survived the war and they were later used as service and protection dogs in the Japanese army.

The color of the Inukagumi has remained the same ever since. Its gray coat is well fed and strong and has a silky texture. The Hokkaido and the wakizashi were bred separately and so their coats are never the same.

Inukagumi Are Very Loving Dogs

Japanese Dog

The first-time owners of these breeds have reported that the Inukagumi has a very loving temperament. This may be due to its natural protection instincts but some also say that it has a friendly nature. However, this can still depend on the type of dog breed chosen and not necessarily on the color of its coat. If you are looking for a friendly dog and one that will become a part of your family, then the Inukagumi is not a bad choice.

However, this kind of breed is not recommended for those who have a history of hip dysplasia, cataracts, or any other eye problems. The most common genetic disease that causes the fur to become curly is the alpha-sarcoptes, which can cause the Inukagumi’s hair to curl up into tight curls. Therefore, if you have a history of these diseases, you should not get this kind of dog as it can lead to more serious health conditions.

 The Black Copperfen

This kind of breed is also known as the black copperfin and was bred in Japan in the year 1871. It was developed by mixing an American bulldog with an Asian mastiff. The result was the Japanese Black Copperfin, which is actually a rare breed. Its thick coat requires regular brushing and you must remove all the matting from around the base. Because it has a thick coat, it can also shed more than other kinds of dogs. Therefore, you must clip the hair regularly and try not to make your dog feel too comfortable, especially during training.

The Inukagumi was originally bred as hunters in remote areas of Japan, where they had to protect small settlements from strange predators such as hyenas. Although they have become a popular pet for people, this breed does not suit everybody. This is because it does need a great amount of exercise and daily walks, as well as a proper diet and a regular socialization schedule. Due to this, many people consider the Inukagumi as one of the most difficult to keep as well-balanced dogs in the world.

If you want a small yet powerful dog that is friendly to strangers and other animals, the Akita Inu is perfect for you. The Akita inu is very energetic and alert, but it does not make a great pet for shy people. It should be properly trained, as well, to prevent the risk of dangerous behavior such as attack from strangers. Because of its small size, the Akita Inu is often used as a companion or watchdog for farmers.

Bottom Line

Last but not least is the Shiba Inu. This dog was originally bred in Japan, where the first specimens were born in the year 18arez. The Shiba Inu has the most magnificent coloring among all the Japanese Greyhound varieties, as well as a white and black marking on its forehead, between its two front paws, and on its tail. This beautiful coat also comes with a double coat that is highly resistant to heat and cold. Some experts believe that the reason why the Shiba Inu is such a well-balanced diet, is because it has a high nutritional value, thanks to its wild prey animal ancestry.

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