The Most Popular Japanese Dog Breeds

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Did you know that there are several Japanese dog breeds for you to choose from? While traditionally popular in their homeland of Japan, these dog breeds have grown more popular elsewhere. With their strength and beauty, you can’t help but fall in love. It’s easy to spot when you watch how these wonderful dogs can be made into wonderful working pets. The right mix of breed, training and time spent with your family can make a great family pet.

An Overview

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One of the most popular Japanese dog breeds is the Shiba Inu. This breed originated in China and is known for its bright eyes and silky smooth coat. Originally bred to protect small villages during harsh weather, today they are sought after for their cute little white fur. Originally the white coat was thought to be a genetic defect, but today many dog owners claim it is a natural trait. These pooches are extremely intelligent and eager to please.

The second most popular Japanese dog breeds list would be the Shih Tzu. Originally bred for herding sheep in China, these canines became prized for their agility, endurance and energy. They were also originally bred to guard against wild animal attacks, but today many consider them cool and calm dogs to own. As you can imagine, Shih Tzu dogs can be quite dapper around the home. These dogs can also be somewhat sensitive towards other pets and can display aggression towards them.

Popular Japanese Dog Breeds 

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The third most popular Japanese dog breeds would have to be the Toshiba, also known as the Tosa. Originally bred to swim through canals, these dogs are great for those who love to fish or have an active life at sea. They have a strong bite that is perfect for catching crayfish, as well as being agile enough to herd farm animals. A well-socialized Toshiba will become an integral part of your family. However, this breed can also be a handful when it comes to housebreaking, which is why it’s important to get them socialized early on.

The last of the top dogs on the Japanese dog breeds list is the Teppanyaki. Originally from the islands of Sumatra and Java, these dogs have a sweet, laid back personality that makes them great for families with children. One of the sweetest qualities of a Teppanyaki is its ability to light up a room with its playful nature. Because of their large expressive eyes, Teppanyakis are also very popular among dog owners with active lifestyles. The great thing about owning a Teppanyaki is that it requires virtually no maintenance, since they enjoy lying around the island.

One interesting thing about the Teppanyaki is that it is not typically seen in the show ring where most Japanese dog breeds come from. These dogs are typically bred to swim and perform tricks for amusement. Because of their size and activity level, they need a lot of exercise in order to stay healthy and happy. If you are looking for a dog who can entertain you for hours, then a Teppanyaki would be a good choice.

Last but not least on our list of the most popular Japanese dog breeds are the Ryuken Minamifu, better known as the Minami Ryuken. The Minami Ryuken is from the island of Shikine and is one of the most popular Ogon koi. It was originally bred for its beautiful colors, and because of the many hybrid varieties that are now available, the breed is thriving today. Many believe that the original breed came from the Ogon islands, but the Japanese authorities will not confirm this. Most of the Minami Ryuken that is found today come from Hyogo, Japan.

Bottom Line

In summary, these three are among the most popular Japanese dog breeds. They have distinct characteristics and all have their own place in the Japanese koi fish farm. There are other breeds of Japanese Koi that are less popular, including the kishu Ken, the wakame ken, and the story Ken. But none will ever be as popular as these top three.

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