The Easy Dog Training Steps That Nobody Will Tell You

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Every dog owner hopes that their dog will learn to fetch as quickly as possible. When it comes to hunting, most people only think of bringing a dog with them when they want to hunt, but before even telling a dog how to fetch the kill, you might want to train the dog yourself so it really learns to fetch. While most people believe that for a large dog, simply fetching a kill is like catching a fish, in actuality, for the first time, it might be quite difficult. Here are some dog training steps to help you make this happen.

Follow The Proper Training Tricks

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First off, one of the dog training steps that you must learn is that your dog will not jump on people who are attempting to teach him or her how to jump. This is not just because of etiquette, it’s because the dog doesn’t have a very high jumping stamina. While the dog might be able to jump high for many visits to the park, if it has never had any training, it will probably not be able to jump very high after only a few outings. This means that if you’re trying to train your dog how to jump, you need to use the proper dog training tricks. Luckily, there are a number of great tricks out there that can help the dog learn how to jump.

Teach Him To Catch The Duck

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One of the many dog training steps for how to catch a duck involves teaching the dog how to sit. The sitting exercise is important because it gives the dog a chance to see what is going on around him. This will let the dog realizes that he may be in danger if he does not follow the orders being given to him by his master.

Another one of the dog training steps for how to catch a duck is teaching the dog how to grab a floating object. A good example of this is how the dogs will sit on a rope and a duck walks right by them. If the dog tries to attack the duck by grabbing the rope, the dog is in for a rough time. However, if he manages to grab the rope and then holds it tightly to the dog’s neck, the dog is in for a wonderful time. It is also important to note that most dogs simply do not understand what is happening; therefore, they will not understand that they are being attacked.

One other one of the important dog training steps for how to catch a duck involves throwing the dog a floating item. For this exercise, the dog is simply to stand near a floating object and wait for the duck to come towards it. If the duck does not move, the dog should not continue to throw the floating object. He or she simply needs to stay near the item and wait until the duck takes it from the water. The throwing part of this drill is very important as many dogs will simply refuse to take the object from the water if they see their owner begin to throw at it.

Learn To Call The Dog

The final of the basic dog training steps on how to catch a duck involves calling the dog. Most dogs respond well when they hear their owners call out to them. This is actually the easiest step of all, since it only has to be done once. After the dog hears the call, the dog is simply supposed to stand still and wait for the hunters.

Many hunters will tell you that dogs are much easier to train in comparison to many other hunting animals. Although there are certainly some breeds of hunting dogs that have natural aggression, most dogs that are used for hunting will be very calm by nature. This is why it is so important to introduce the hunting method into a puppy’s life before he or she becomes fully trained.

Final Thoughts

The above mentioned dog training steps are definitely some of the more basic ones most dog owners need to learn in order to ensure that their puppy is safe throughout every step of the hunting process. It is essential that all puppy owners begin this process as soon as possible. Without knowing how to properly handle your puppy on a leash, the dog could easily become an accident waiting to happen.

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