The 6 Best Police Dog Breeds in Service of 2020

Best Police Dog Breeds

Police dogs are service dogs too and they arrive in many different shapes and sizes. Depending on their size and intelligence, police dogs are assigned their service roles. However, the most respectable of the jobs is the service of K-9 unit.  This unit is involved in search & rescue operations, drug sniffing, as well as protection. Unlike normal dogs, police dogs need special training from scratch. Today, we are talking about best police dog breeds that are still serving the K-9 unit.

What’s Best About the Best Police Dog Breeds

Best Police Dog Breeds in Service
Best Police Dog Breeds in Service

They are not like normal dogs as we see on streets or as a pet. The ones chosen as police fellas are demonstrate different traits. Several considerations come into play during selection process. A lot depends on picking out the perfect breed. For example, a dog chosen for the duty of protection must be sturdy and intelligent enough to outpace a perpetrator while listening to the commands. The ones used for narcotics should have an outstanding sense of smell and a trained mind.  Various other factors also come into consideration while making a choice and this six K9 dogs fit the need from all aspect.

German Shepherd

In the K9 line, German Shepherd is one of the most revered breeds. They are the mandatory companion for everyday search operations. Since they can smell unwanted predators like a hunter and pretty quick to pick up the commands, German Shepherds make awesome companions. A versatile breed from all aspects, s German Shepherd certainly tops the list of Police Dog breeds from K9 Unit.


A small breed with huge personality, this is a breed with excellent sense of smells. As a K9 police dogs, beagles are mostly employed in the Department of Narcotics. Due to their excellent sense of smell, Beagles are often called narcotics-sniffing dogs.  They work as police dog partners at airports, border zones, and more.

Belgian Malinois

They are often called the smaller counterparts of German Shepherds, as they display the similar traits like them. It makes them absolutely perfect to be on the frontlines of duty. They are mostly employed in the military and often serve as the therapy dogs, as and when required. They are quite friendly, besides being stout and strong. This trait makes them fantastic protectors. During big-time missions, these breeds are mandatory addition in the K-9 unit accompanied. Without them, K9 protection team is not sealed for operations.


They are known for their excellent smell. Coveted worldwide due to their nose for tracking, this dog can literally find out the needle from the haystack if needed. And, most of the time with extreme accuracy. Their olfactory sense is so strong that they can actually scent train miles away to identify perpetrator or a trapped survivor inside. The bloodhounds are traditionally used for police work.


Their razor-sharp intelligence of Rottweilers makes them a police dog since birth. A stout body, a sense of companionship, and a sensible species, Rottweilers are policemen’s favorite. However, they are a bit shy in front of strangers and unusually friendly around people they know and love. No doubt, this trait makes them excellent partners on the field.


In spite of their soft and sweet demeanor, they display some effective traits to be in the K9 Police unit. They make a fantastic hunter due to their unusually great sniffing capabilities. If trained well, they can be awesome dogs for the narcotics department. They are loyal and protective as well, for which they are often considered as the perfect front liners.

The Takeaway: Best Police Dog Breeds

Best Police Dog Breeds are Born Hunters
Best Police Dog Breeds are Born Hunters

Police dog breeds are different in terms of gesture and traits. But without proper training, they fail to perform at full potential.  Hence, police dogs are trained as per the K9 standards, so that they can pick up the traits as early as possible.

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