The 5 Most Popular Toy Dog Breeds

japanese toy dog breeds

Toy dog breeds are great pets. They are small and adorable, yet strong and healthy. These dogs can be loving and affectionate, but they can also be aggressive. However, many dog owners who want to own these dogs, do not know much about the Japanese toy dog breeds. If you are interested in owning one but don’t really understand the history of the dog, read on.


A dog with its mouth open

First of all, one of the most popular Japanese breeds is the Akita. The akita is a medium sized dog with a muscular structure. It has a thick, sturdy coat that provides warmth for the dog. The coat can be short or long and has several colors. The head of the dog is covered with a red bobbed hair and the body is covered with soft, silky fur. The Akita is a powerful, loyal dog that is good with children but is also gentle with other animals and even people.

The next most popular Japanese dog toy dog breeds are the Siberian Husky. This breed was originally bred in Japan and is one of the few Japanese breeds that are completely purebred. The color of the Siberian Husky is white. This breed is warm and friendly, and is great for families with children. In addition to being a great family pet, the huskies makes an excellent show dog.

Chinese Crested Dog

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Another popular Japanese dog breeds is the Chinese Crested Dog. This is a medium-sized dog that has long, elegant hair. This breed is the official choice for the Japanese Government when selecting official guards for their country. The hair of the Chinese Crested Dog is silky and dense. This breed is very protective of its family and is considered by many to be one of the most loyal dogs in the world.

The Japanese Greyhound is a medium-sized dog that is very affectionate, calm, and sociable. They are also very playful. These Toy dog breeds have a short, square, muscular body structure. Their coats tend to be a bit wiry, and they are the official choice for the Japanese Greyhound Racing Teams. Their official name is Ghibli, which translates to “greyhound of the water”.

One of the most popular Japanese breed dogs is the Akita. Akita dogs have a strong, protective, and adventurous demeanor. Their distinct personality makes them unique among all of the other Japanese dog breeds. This breed was originally bred in China and because of this the Akita now has its own distinct personality. These Toy dog breeds often have a very sweet nature and are known to be extremely affectionate towards children. Their athletic ability is very noticeable and their intelligence is comparable to that of a small dog.

The Kong

The Kong is another one of the most popular Japanese toy dog breeds. They were originally bred in Japan but now are popular all over the world. The Kong is known as one of the dogs breeds that can tolerate heat and actually enjoys a long, hot bath. Because of this trait these dogs are often used by fire departments for emergency situations. Because the Kong is fairly large, most breeders will also include the Bengal in the line, since the Kong shares many attributes with the Bengal.

Final Words

The Choku, or White Russian Terrier is the smallest among the Japanese dog breeds. This breed was developed as a cross between a Russian Blue and a white Russian. Today, there is a hybrid form of this breed that is referred to as the Shih Tzu. The white markings on the body of the Choku are what gave it its name, as well as its white fur. This type of Choku typically weighs around fifteen pounds at full maturity.

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