Some Interesting Facts About Dog Breeds Japanese Chin

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The Japanese Chin, which has a crushed face and big cute eyes, is a small dog with a height of about 25 cm and a weight of 4 to 5 kg, which is the smallest size among Japanese dogs. It has a square body with almost the same height and length and is covered with a long coat that is thin and soft like silk. The coat color is black or red on a white background or black and brown on a white background, and the pattern from around the eyes to the ears is said to be symmetrical.

The Only Japanese Dog With Drooping Ears

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It is the only Japanese dog with drooping ears, and with the short features of the muzzle, some people may not know that it is native to Japan. Unfamiliar kanji for dog breed names andPekingeseOrShih TzuIt seems that many people think it is native to China, probably because of its fluffy face. The ancestors of the Japanese Chin are Tiventan spaniel dogs, which are thought to be close to Pekingese.

Is the Japanese Chin like a cat? 

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It seems that the Japanese Chin was sometimes called a cat companion in the olden days because of its face-washing gesture, its love for high places, and its small size. The kanji for Japanese Chin is also a Japanese kanji that is not found in China and is sometimes said to represent “between cats and dogs.” However, the character of the Japanese Chin is not a cat-like “tsundere,” but cheerful, friendly, and tolerant. It will entertain the owner with his charming gestures and actions and become a family mood maker.

Easy To Train

The Japanese Chin is so quiet that it rarely barks, it is sensitive, and it is not difficult to train because it understands its owner well. There are only dog ​​breeds that have been kept indoors for a long time, even though they are not so curious that they are troubled by mischief.

Not So Fond Of Exercising

Since it is a short snout, it is enough to refrain from strenuous exercise and walk for about 20 to 30 minutes. The Japanese Chin is not so fond of exercising and prefers to spend time indoors with his owner. You can’t control it with exercise, so be careful about obesity. Delicate and soft hair is easy to get entangled, so brush it every day to prevent pilling.

Why Their Numbers Declined?

However, when Japan opened, the number of Japanese Chin decreased significantly due to the popularity of dog breeds imported overseas rather than the familiar Japanese Chin. On the contrary, the Japanese Chin that has been exported overseas have been bred locally, and it is said that the Japanese Chin is currently in Japan as descendants of the Japanese Chin bred by lovers of England and France.

Summing Up

A Japanese Chin kept in Japan for a long time but is not familiar with a Japanese dog. However, it is a waste not to know the ideal domestic dog, Japanese Chin, which is quiet, clever, and charming. Once you contact the Japanese Chin, you will indeed be absorbed in the softness of touch, humorous behavior, and cute facial expressions.

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