Six Ancient And Authentic Japanese Dog Breeds

Ancient Japanese Dog Breeds

There are six ancient Japanese dog breeds, called ” Nihon-ken”, Japan’s national dog. Ancient Japanese dog breeds are easy to maintain and very friendly with children. The number of pets in Japan is increasing, as the trend of having-pets is increasing. Ancient Japanese dog breeds are very protective. If you want to have a dog who can protect you, then Japanese dogs are the best—these dogs bark when an unfamiliar person enters their territory. 

Ancient Japanese Dog Breeds You Should Know About

Akita Inu

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Akita Inu is a large and bulky Japanese dog. These ancient Japanese dog breeds are suitable in cold climates as they have long, thick fur and a double coat. You will never see them in a city. They have large bones and a face like a bear. Its weight can be between 32-45 kilograms and are 24-28 inches tall. They are excellent with children, but they are dominant to other dogs. 

Hokkaido Inu

Hokkaido Inu( or Hokkaido Ken) is a hunting dog and very strong that it can even fight with wild boars or small bears. It has an aggressive nature towards other dogs. Such dogs want to be pampered and need the attention of their owners. They share a great bond with their owners. This ancient Japanese dog breed is from Japan’s northernmost island and has small ears, enormous paws, and a thicker outer coat. Its weight is nearly 20 kilograms. 

Kai Ken

The Kai Ken is the most distinctive among all the ancient Japanese dog breeds. It is also known as the ”tiger dog,” and it is wild as its name. They are the hunters of wild animals like fowl, boar, and deer. They have well-developed muscles as they are from mountain regions. They are quick learners, independent, and very intelligent. They are light in weight, of 4-9 kilograms. 

Kishu Ken

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Kisku Ken is a hunting dog and is rarely found in Japan. These dogs are courageous, intelligent, and more impulsive than other ancient Japanese dog breeds. They don’t love to be in the house. They are very active and want to be outdoor. Their weight is around 14-27 kilograms. 

Are Ancient Japanese Dog breeds Great? 

Ancient Japanese Dog Breeds are suitable for keeping as pets as they require low maintenance and are very friendly. Some families who don’t have kids pamper and love their pets just like their kid. Before having a pet, you must take care of a few things. If you have a busy routine and don’t have time to take care of your pet, you should not adopt a pet. You must be aware of the money you will have to spend on medical things other than clothes, toys, etc. 


You must adopt a dog to share unconditional love and bond. If you have an ancient Japanese dog breed, it will be more friendly, you will feel less lonely, and always protect you.

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