Reasons Behind Dog Barking Behavior

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Just as human beings, dogs use non-verbal and verbal cues for communicating. So, a dog’s barking behavior is normal. This is one of the most efficacious ways for them to communicate with their owners. They use it for communicating different feelings. 

Thus, if you have to understand what the dog is communicating, you have to contextualize their verbal cues within their non-verbal ones. To understand what your dog might be trying to say, here are a few reasons why your dog might be barking. 

  1. Excitement
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Have you noticed your dog barking when you come home from work or are, they barking when they hear a certain sound of your bringing their leash? Then this dog barking behavior shows that the dog is excited. 

Yowling and yipping are often used by a pack of dogs for communicating their excitement to each other. Usually, these barks are mid-range or high-pitched. The dog is going to let out 1-2 barks intermittently until their excitement subsides. Most of the time than not, these barks is accompanied by them wagging their tail. 

  1. Food-Seeking or Attention
A dog looking at the camera

If a dog would like to grab your attention, it barks at you. These barks are long strings of a single bark having pauses in between. By barking like this, they might ask you for food or take them for a walk. Their body language, in this case, is relaxed and less energetic. The tails can be wagging or straight. 

  1. Territorial or Fear 

When there is a clear stimulus, you will get to hear defensive barking. These stimuli are a bigger dog nearby, a strange person approaching or being trapped without an escape route. 

The dog barking behavior, in this case, is deeper, and you will notice a growl associated with it. The barking will be incessant and continuous. It is their way of their saying that you have to be ready for a problem. 

  1. Pain

Dogs will also bark when they are experiencing pain.  It is for communicating to its owner or its pack that specific behavior or act is causing them pain, and they would like it to stop. 

You will get to hear this kind of barking when they get attacked by some other animal or accidentally get hurt during a rough play. These barks are in a higher pitch. So, if you find your dog barking like this, you should pet or touch them as something might be hurting them. It is also a sign that you have to take your puppy to a vet to find out what is wrong. 

  1. Canine Dementia

If the dogs get older, they tend to bark at night or something that isn’t there. It can be a sign of cognitive dysfunction and is common with older animals. 

The bark appears to come in response to nothing at all, and you can resolve without any specific reason. So, if you notice an older dog barking in a corner during the night at a wall or corner, you should get an appointment with your vet to find out how you can make them more comfortable.

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