Prominent Police Shepherd Dog Breeds

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Dogs are known as man’s best friend, and so they are. Especially, when the hour of security and protective duty comes they stand front in line. Fierce fullness, dedication, learning abilities, and great intelligence are some of the qualities that make dogs a powerful recruit and asset to the police and security forces. There have been special incidents around the world that have proven the valor of some of the best police shepherd dog breeds. Here are some of these breeds that are a proud possession of security forces.

German Shepherd – A Star Of Police Shepherd Dog Breeds

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This is the breed that is known for its service in the area of protection and security. Their popularity is as such that they have been used in many movies to depict their security functioning and which is a reason for them being known as “police dogs”. These dogs are fearless, powerful, smart, and enthusiastic. They are highly trainable and can attain a great level of skill which is why they are used in narcotics and bomb squads etc.

Labrador Retriever – The Most Loved Police Shepherd Dog Breeds

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This is the breed that was bred initially as a hunting dog for sniffing and retrieving the game. Now, they are being used by the police and narcotics department to sniff out drugs and bombs and is one of the police shepherd dog breeds that is a favorite of the police personnel. They are also used for patrolling harbors and airports to prevent any fishy entry into the campus. This is a much-loved breed all across the world because of their friendly nature and easily sociable qualities with great intelligence.

Boxers – A Veteran For Police Shepherd Dog Breeds

This breed has a legacy and reputation for being working dogs. This is because they have served in the first and second world wars along with military soldiers for patrolling and action; they were even used as messengers between troops. This breed is very focused, sociable and can become extremely skilled through training, which is evident from the fact that they once used to lay communication wires between troops during wars and battles without being wounded, by running between specifically instructed points.

Doberman Pinscher

This is one of the police shepherd dog breeds famous for being portrayed in the movies and TV series. They have served police for a long time alongside the German Shepherds. They look to have been trained aggressive, however, it is their focus and determination towards the task and not nature. They are courageous and very intelligent. Doberman Pinscher doesn’t work much for sniffing, instead, they are used in more athletic tasks that also suit their build. They are primarily used for chasing away criminals across complex areas.


With a number of dog breeds dedicated to protecting humans, the environment feels a lot safer. These highly trained breeds do not even flinch in laying their life on the line of duty like any human soldier.

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