Popular Dog Breeds Used For Police Work

dog breeds used for police work

The dogs have to pass a very hard training schedule and military training. These types of training cannot be carried by every dog so that’s why we usually saw just a very few and specific dogs breed are being carried by the police whether the police is of any county the breed We see are of look-alike breed from a pool of special dogs breed.

Quality in dogs for police work:

1. Understanding

Dogs are considered to be the most disciplined animal. Police train the dogs in a way such that they can bite very dangerously the criminals and make the criminals hostage. Dogs are the ones who put their life at risk to save their human companion.

2. Detection of suspected

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It is very obvious to everyone that dogs can smell more than anyone else. Their nose sense of smell is amazing. Dogs have 225000000 smell receptors in them in comparison to humans which is only 5000000.

They are performed to determine the druggist at the airport, metro stations, railway etc. They are also trained for the detection of military landmines.

3. Search and rescue operation

Police are always looking for criminals and lost victims. Those who have been kidnapped and lost. In this case, the police dogs help in finding them too because they cover a large area in very few time which is a marvellous thing and time saving for the police.

Popular Dog Breeds:

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1. Belgian Malinois

They are very confident in their tasks, very brave, smart and hardworking.

They are ranked 43 out of 197 in Akc breed popularity.

Their height is 24-26 inches in males and 22-24 in females. 

Their weight lies in between 60 to 80 pounds in male and 40 to 60 in females. Their life expectancy of these dogs are 14 to 16 years.

2. German shepherd Dogs.

It is the most common breed which we look at in our day to day life too and German shepherds are also the pet of our family and friends. Their breed is very popular.

German shepherd breed Is very confident, courageous and smart to perform their tasks. In Akc Breed Popularity they are ranked 2 out of 197. The height of these dogs ranges from 24 to 26 inches in males and 22 to 24 in females. Their weight is

 65 to 90 pounds in males and 50 to 70 in females.

The Life expectancy of a German shepherd is 12 to 14 years.

3. Bloodhound

They are little short, cute dogs who are very friendly, Independent and inquisitive. They have been ranked 49 out of 197. Their height lies in the 25 to 27 inches in males and 23 to 25 inches in females. The weight lies between 90 to 110 pounds in male and 80 to 100 pounds in females. The Life expectancy of this breed is 10 to 12 years.

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