Police Service Dog Breeds That Is Popularly Using

police service dog breeds

Police service dog breeds are of several types and the standards for each type of breed will vary. There is also variation in training requirements for police canine classes and programs. Police service dogs may be used for a variety of tasks, including tracking, medicine detection and bomb tracing. Some breeds have been bred specifically to have strong working instincts and as police dogs, they must be physically fit and capable of pulling on a leash.

Although most police canine units have dogs that have been bred for police work, there are also many other uses for police dogs. They are great guide dogs for hikers, search-and-rescue dogs, bomb dogs, scent dogs and many other purposes. Police dogs are usually first-class hunters as well, being frequently used in search and rescue operations. These dogs pull handlers back or lead them, while emitting an alert to go out and find their targets. They are most often used for hunting small animals like rabbits and squirrels.

Many police service dog breeds are large, powerful breeds with long, powerful legs and big muscles. They have the potential to take down larger animals with a single leap and have the strength and stamina to pursue a suspect long after the initial arrest has been made. Their intelligence, endurance and physical strength make them an excellent choice for police departments and other law enforcement agencies. Police dogs are generally obedient and well trained and come with a durable, compact build. However, there are some police service dog breeds that are smaller, less muscular and more suited to the physically demanding jobs police officers perform.

The German shepherd is one of the largest breeds used for police service dog training today. It has a thick, sturdy coat that is highly sought after by police agencies. They are very protective and loyal and are known for howling when there is danger or a break-in. These dogs also have a biting tendency that is highly valued by police agencies. German Shepherds were originally bred to protect humans and as a herding dog.

Another police service dog breed is the Doberman Pinscher. These dogs were originally bred as hunting dogs and were later used for police work because they are highly intelligent and well trained. They are calm and very friendly and make great companions. They are also highly obedient with a devotion to their masters that is unmatched.

The Boston Terrier has always been considered a friendly, gentle and loyal pet. It is one of the most popular police dog breeds and is known for its love, loyalty and energy. They are naturally protective of their owner and can be very devoted to their family. These dogs also have a sweet personality and have a natural need for attention. When properly socialized police dogs make wonderful companions and loving friends.

Summing Up

A dog with a mountain in the background

Portuguese Water Dogs were developed to perform search and rescue and to track missing persons. These dogs have an innate instinct to hunt and are incredibly strong and devoted. The Alaskan Malamute is a friendly yet brave dog that is extremely patient and obedient. This breed was bred to be a police dog and is used for intensive searches and in search and rescue operations. It is a great companion and is used to assist humans in hazardous situations. The Mastiff is another breed that is a favorite police service dog breed and is known for its strength, courage, intelligence and protective nature.

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