Police Drug Dog Breeds – Know Interesting Facts About Them

police drug dog breeds

Special kinds of dog breeds are recruited for specific purposes only. There are only several police drug dog breeds that are used by police to investigate a matter. They are given special training that included any risky tasks as well. These dogs are trained for many years so that they become experts in their field. 

The most important piece of information is that there are many kinds of police dogs used in the fields. Today we will tell you about what breeds of can be recruited by police to give them special training. Due to the police is osmt8ijme save to save many live thought years. Dogs are loyal. trustworthy and protective of their partner in crime. You will think twice before messing with a police dog.

Let’s dig in further to know what police drug dog breeds are infamous!

5 Infamous Types Of Police Drug Dog Breeds

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We have found that there are 5 types of police drug dog breeds that are mostly recruited by the police.

Belgian Malinois 

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This breed of dog is very strong built and they are alert herders. They have well-built muscles and exhibit an honest look about them. The problem arises when they feel neglected and detached from their owners.

German Shepherd Dogs 

These dogs stand as tall as 26 inches. It exhibits many attributes that defined his royalty like loyalty, confidence, courage, and the ability to learn commands from any tasks. The eBay part is this dog breed can put their own life in danger to help the loved ones.


Bloodhounds are recommended to police as they have the strong ability to sniff around. They can find the lost thing or people more quickly than possible by their smell. They enjoy the company and have a long face. It is one of the best among police drug dog breeds.

Dutch Shepherd 

Although it is not a renowned breed like others, this breed is widely recruited by police due to its obedience, tracking, and herding. They can also search and rescue as a police dog. They do this job like a pro.

Labrador Retriever 

They are sweet-faced and friendly kinds of dogs. You will not even know when they will become your friends. They; love to socialize with others. This breed of dog shows off incredible working quality.


All of these police drug dog breeds are trained to bite the suspect and hold them hostage. They are known for their incredible hard working quality. Every dog has its own quality. They prove to be really helpful to police when they are not able to find a suspect. Also, these dogs do get retired once they have reached their retirement age. 

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