Police Dog Breeds What Are the Best Choices For Police Work

police dog breeds belgian malinois

There are a number of police dog breeds on the market today and there are as many different types of police dogs available as there are different police departments. The Belgian Malinois is a small to medium sized breed of dog, often classified as an assortment of the Dutch Shepherd dog not as a distinct breed. The original name Malinois comes from Mals, the French word for the city of origin of the breed, Mechelen, in Belgium.

The Malinois was originally bred for the purpose of herding and controlling small game in the wild. They have a small size and are strong and agile with short legs and a muscular physique. They have a dense muscular coat that covers most of their body except for a tufted tail and a thick and bushy tail. The Malinois also has short legs and a thick muscular build, which makes them ideal for police work.

Know About Malinois’ Nature

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While the Malinois’ nature is to chase and herded animals, they are excellent candidates for a police role. The dog is able to follow its own instincts and chase down a large animal or even its own shadow, and once it catches the animal, it will attempt to retrieve the animal. When it can’t, the Malinois will return to its home to take its revenge. They have a long, powerful and alert temperament and are eager to please their handler. The Malinois may be a bit nervous at first, but as it gets used to the handler it will become more sociable and trustworthy.

The Malinois’ natural instinct is to protect its master and family. They will not hesitate to bark to warn off intruders and will stand by their master, not going anywhere until the alarm is triggered. They are very alert to any danger and will act quickly to try to get to safety if necessary.

Police work requires that the handler train the Malinois to listen to commands. Because the dog is used to being around people it will become easily distracted by human conversation and sounds. So, it is crucial to establish a strong bond between the handler and the dog so that it will listen carefully and respond to the commands it is given.

Some Police Departments Use Malinois

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Some police departments still use the Malinois as the primary patrol dog because it is much smaller, faster and easier to control than other breeds of dogs. Though it may not be the best choice for a small neighborhood, it is a good choice for an urban environment. It is much easier to keep an eye on a dog on one’s area when it is a small and less likely to get into a mess. It is also much less likely to wander off.

A Malinois can make a great partner to a police dog handler because of its speed and alert temperament. It can be trained to be a “sit” dog and will often wait quietly before it leaps at someone. It is not aggressive or difficult to train because of its gentle nature and will respond well to positive reinforcement.

Know About Their Agility Ability

The Malinois’ agility ability makes it perfect for areas where it will be required to make quick and sharp movements. When the police dog is a good choice for a police department, it will prove to be a valuable asset to its community and to the public.

Because the Malinois is smaller and quicker it will have a much shorter learning curve than many other types of dog. This is because it will not have to work with older or smaller children or animals. The dog is also very obedient, which makes it a great choice for training children and animals because it does not have a tendency to misbehave.

Since there are no hunting instincts in the Malinois, they are not as eager to pursue down a fleeing suspect and may not be suited to a narcotics unit. But, they are good family and pet dogs. They are not used for search and rescue work because they do not respond well when faced with a scene of blood, gore and violence.

Bottom Line

The Malinois is a great choice for police dogs because of its intelligence, endurance, alertness and alert temper. temperament. It is good with children and makes a fine choice for an apartment complex or a residence where there is more activity than calm streets.

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