Police Dog Breeds That Would Make an Effective Police Dog

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K9 dog breeds are used for jobs requiring a canine’s abilities to detect illegal substances and also for hunting dogs. The police dog, much like any other working dog, is bred to assist humans in locating people that have been detained. These dogs are also utilized by other law enforcement agencies such as the ATF and CIA for similar reasons. K9 police dogs to assist the authorities in locating criminal suspects and also in transporting these suspects to designated locations for questioning. K9s make great search-and-rescue dogs because they have high levels of stamina, agility and intelligence.

German Shepherd

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The most common police dog breed is the German shepherd. German shepherds were originally bred to protect sheep in Germany. They have good temperament and are very loyal to their owners. Some of the characteristics of a German shepherd that would make him an ideal candidate for a police dog include:

The German shepherd possesses all the working qualities necessary for a police dog. He has strong protective instincts, great stamina and intelligence. Because he was originally bred to protect sheep, German shepherds are excellent with tracking, trail and field work and are proficient hunters. Although they are very intelligent, these dogs are relatively timid compared to some working dogs.

Portuguese Water Dog

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A Portuguese water dog is another working breed that might make an excellent police dog. This breed was originally developed for use as a hunting dog. These dogs possess a very keen sense of smell, great nose and eye coordination and great hearing.

Another working breed that might be an ideal candidate for a police dog is the Doberman Pincher. This dog breed is well-balanced with good mobility and a sweet temper. The Doberman Pincher is very playful and eager to please, which makes him a favorite for police work. However, some police officers believe that Doberman Pinchers is prone to barking and may get into mischief. These dogs also have a strong herding instinct and should be protected at all times.

Jack Russell Terrier 

A Jack Russell terrier is another excellent choice for a police dog. These dogs are highly intelligent with high energy levels. They have great working potential and because of their eagerness to please they make ideal police dogs.

Final Words

Some other police dog breeds are crossbred with other breeds to create new breeds that would better fit the job profile and needs of a police dog. Many police dogs are used in hit and run operations or to search buildings for drugs and other illicit goods. Such dogs must have high energy levels to chase down suspects, while also being agile enough to get into precarious situations that would require them to tackle someone who has grabbed their attention. It is for these reasons that hybrid police dogs are often the best choice for a police force.

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