Police Contact Dog Officer K-9 Arlo After He Was Shot

k9 arlo

K9 Arlo, a German shepherd, was adopted by the sheriff of Thurston County in Washington State. In early 2021, Arlo was featured on the cover of the St Louis Today Magazine along with his handler, Sheriff Joe Lippo. K9 Arlo was featured in many local newspapers including the Kitsap Sun News. The sheriff said that he got Arlo from a German Shepherd rescue group. He had worked with the dogs in his previous position as a handler for the Thurston Co. Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Joe Lippo

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Sheriff Joe Lippo says that he got Arlo because he was a ten-year-old Doberman Pincher who had been rescued from a drug ring. He underwent multiple surgeries prior to being adopted. Sheriff Joe Lippo says that his new best friend has already undergone multiple surgeries and will need at least three more to heal up from his injuries from the shooting. He underwent hip replacement surgery, back surgery, and now has a metal plate in his leg to support his broken leg. K9 Arlo went through two open heart surgeries and six operations since he was brought into the county’s Animal Control Unit. He is scheduled for another open heart surgery in the coming months.

There have been many comments about how K9 Arlo barely recovered from his first surgery. Many people said that he fought off his aggression and returned to his old self after having his hip replaced. However, others said that he did not really get better until his second surgery. Some individuals even said that the third surgery is what caused him to go viral. Because of his injuries, he was not able to work with other dogs.

K9 Arlo’s Owner

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Some sources said that K9 Arlo’s owner, who is originally from Peru, did not want to take him to the United States for his third surgery because of the risk of having him shot. This is why several sources said that the dog has gone viral. This is because the owner saved the dog after discovering that he was going to need multiple surgeries due to his injury from the last bullet that hit him. Because of this, the dog is now said to have become immune to bullets.

Authorities are still trying to figure out why exactly the pit bull went on to endanger the lives of several people during a police chase. One possible reason is that he may have been shot twice by the other driver, although this has not been confirmed. Police say that they are still investigating to see if the dog was intentionally trying to hurt people. The injured victims all reportedly suffered minor wounds.

Support The Police Dog

A large number of people have also come forward to support the police dog and call for leniency in the sentencing of K9 arlo. One man even said that he would give anything for his dead son, saying, “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get my boy back.” Several followers have made statements like, “he deserved to die like a dog.” Despite the death of one of their own followers, authorities have yet to bring charges against any of the eight suspects.

Final Words

In the past, the local media has reported that the dogs had undergone multiple surgeries prior to this incident. However, officials have since told the press that only one surgery of the eight surgeries required was completed on the day of the shooting. Authorities are still working on the second surgery, which took place approximately two months prior to the incident. It is unknown when the k-9 will be available to return to duty after these surgeries.

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