Peter Caine Dog Training – Make Everything Easier With This Step

peter caine dog training

If you’re looking for effective dog training methods, then do not worry since we’ve got you covered! Peter Caine dog training business runs in New York but he puts out Youtube videos for dog training tutorials among many others. Training dogs is essential to be able to communicate with them and understand their needs and vice-versa. They would be able to respond to us better and be more disciplined and domestic. Every pet owner trains their pet to have a healthy and loving relationship with each other by establishing leadership and some even study about dogs before adopting one to understand their mannerisms and behavioral patterns better so that they can be a good pet owner and train them effectively. Therefore, here are a few ways how you can start training your dog well and they are as follows.

Peter Caine Dog Training – Basic Commands

A dog sitting on a bench

Basic commands like instructing the dog to come, sit, leave, and stay are the very first commands to teach a dog when training to keep your dog safe and prepare your dog for harder commands.

To teach your dog to sit or stay, hold a treat close to your dog’s nose and allow the dog to follow the treat and move your hand lower so the dog lowers his/her body as well and once he/she is in a sitting position, say “sit” and give him the treat. To stay in position, take a few steps back and gradually increase the distance between the two of you while rewarding him/her with treats and be as affectionate as possible throughout the process and after, especially if your dog has a hard time obeying.

Peter Caine Dog Training – Brief Training Session

A dog that is lying down and looking at the camera

Always keep your training sessions short else your dog will learn to resent you and everything you’re trying to teach him/her since he/she is trying his/her best and is working hard towards figuring it out. Teaching dogs self-control is not an easy task and will take plenty of time before your dog is fully trained and understands you with ease, so make sure to shower them with praises and breaks every now and then.

Peter Caine Dog Training – Leash Training

Training dogs to walk on a leash needs utmost patience as you do not want to frighten or startle your dog. Introduce your dog to a leash first and allow him/her to be comfortable around it before teaching him/her to walk properly while wearing it. A loose leash is recommended as it prevents the dog from pulling or lunging.


These are only the basic training steps before advancing to further stages and it’s important to note that training is an ongoing process since dogs can slip up on obedience and their behavior patterns may fluctuate so it’s crucial to continue to always teach and train them when they do. Sometimes, you might not want to be extremely strict with your dog to teach him discipline and in such cases, you can follow a training methodology that can make him comfortable and still teach him the routine and discipline.

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