Oldest Japanese Dog Breeds To Know About

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This is not surprising, but many Japanese dog breeds that originate from Japan have similar characteristics. Many people often get confused between certain breeds. For example, the Japanese Akita seems to be similar to Shiba Inu. even more confused is the Spitz Japanese breed with the Samoyed or even with the Pomeranian. Below, you will have a look at the oldest Japanese dog breeds that will tell you the differences between them and what to really expect from their temperament and personality. 

Oldest Japanese Dog Breeds To Get Clear Insight Of How They Are

A dog looking at the camera

Japanese Dog – The Hokkaido Dog 

This dog is known as an alert and bold hunting dog that stands no taller than 20 inches with weighing between 44-66 pounds. The dog is loved for its capability to manage Bear and Wild Boar populations in Japan. The dog is never kind to strangers and acts smartly and intelligently. These dogs are truly incredible when it comes to protecting his family, so he always needs very amazing socialization. This is one of the longer and denser coated Japanese dogs than all the other Japanese dogs and is one of the oldest Japanese dog breeds. You can easily find this dog in a varied range of colors that include white, brindle, black, red, and wolf grey. 

Akita Dog – A Japanese And American Akita

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The Japanese Akita dog originated to hunt boar, bear, and elk. The dog was priced on the basis of its willingness to work, intelligence, and loyalty. Also, US servicemen mainly fell in love with the Akita Dog and took them to their home in the United States. The servicemen seem to be more impressed with the larger Akitas, and because of this reason only, there are now two known Akitas:

  • The American Akita, who is a heavier bond and is even larger
  • The Japanese Akita that seems more like Spitz

Both the Japanese Akita dogs are strong and are not suggested to those who are first-time dog owners. The American Akitas weigh between 70-130 pounds, and the female breed is generally smaller. Japanese Akitas, when compared to American Akitas are smaller and lighter and also look like Shiba Inu. 

Shiba Inu – Oldest Japanese Dog Breed For Hunting

The main difficulty between different Japanese Dog breeds is that they appear to be similar in their looks. One of the oldest Japanese dog breeds is Shiba Inu that stands no taller than 17 inches, and the female breed weighs around 18 pounds, with males weighing around 23 pounds. This dog breed is double-coated and it comes in a handful of colors like sesame, black, red, tan, or white. This is again on the list of dogs not suitable for first time dog owners. The Shiba Inu is noticed by its scream. When such dogs are excited or happy, the Inu provides a super high-pitched scream. Also, they behave the same way or even worse when they are unhappy or provoked. The average lifespan of such dogs is 12-15 years who are famous for suffering and battling with a variety of allergies. 


All the Oldest Japanese Dog Breeds are known for their unwavering loyalty to their owner. If you have been in search of a devoted companion who is super alert and watchful, then opt for Japanese breeds as they are the best and firm contenders. Japanese breeds are cute, though but such breeds are used for hunting purposes as these dogs are wild and are not easy to be handled by the first dog owners.

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