Know About The Best Police Dog Breeds List

Police Dog Breeds List

Working dogs come in various sizes and shapes along with this; there are several jobs out there for dogs to do. One of the jobs amongst all is police job for the dog as part of a k9 unit doing things such as protection, search and rescue, and drug-sniffing. However, the police job is not for any dog because in this job requires lots of skills. Many people don’t know about police dog breed; that’s why we are making police dog breeds list here. Through this article, you will know about dogs and their jobs. So let us start.

What Qualities Make The Best Police Dog Breed?

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Before we talk about the breed name, we should know what goes into the work they must do on duty; as per the job they obtain, there are particular favorable traits, which must be taken into account for selecting the right dog. If there is a protection type of job, then you want a sturdy dog, which can outrun prep and still be able to listen to instruction. Whoever, these dogs are strong and smart. For both search and rescue and narcotics, it is best to select the dogs that have a good sense of smell and trained mind. To do this kind of job, there are many breeds available so let’s look at the police dog breeds list.

Best Police Dog Breeds List:

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German Shepherd

The German shepherd is a breed known for associating with being o the line of duty. This dog is specially made to hear and find any unwelcome and unwanted predators. This quality makes them perfect for your everyday k9 dog unit. The German shepherd dog is a loyal and easily trained breed that means they can easily and well work with their pet parent or partner. It is hard to beat the versatility of this dog has; therefore, it is first on our police dog breed list.


Many people don’t expect a beagle as a great police dog, but it has one of the best noses in the business. This dog is a smaller breed that has a large personality; this quality makes them great police dog partner along with great pets. This dog can be found in border zones, airports, and narcotics sniffing dogs for finding petrol.

Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois dog is also known as the smaller cousin of the German shepherd, and they are perfectly made dog to be on the front line of duty. This dog sometimes hires for some big-time mission, and it can be easily found in the military along with the police. Belgian Malinois is also the best breed on the police dog breed list.


The American Labrador is also called sweetie, though they are a great dog breed for police. They are perfect hunting partners, and it also has a good quality of sniffing out for what they need to find. If they get training properly, then they can be a top-notch narcotics detector. They are very loyal and protective.

Concluding Thoughts

Apart from these breeds, you can see many other police dogs breeds list. That’s all we have for today.

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