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k9 arlo

There is currently a canine named Arlo from the Thurston county sheriff’s department. Now Arlo got shot, he is a dog, he is a canine. He is a German shepherd, a beautiful young dog and in the wake of that tragedy amid this horror, the police department said they are going to support their dog. They said they have to go out there and crowdsource and raise some funds to get him through this traumatic and tumultuous time. Even though the internet was responding well with open arms and a lot of love and charity it turns out the police shot the dog themselves.

Here in this article, we will discuss the incident in detail. To get the information, keep reading the article till the end. We hope you enjoy reading this article.

K9 Arlo – Overview

Cops crowdfunded their canines hospital bills then quietly admitted they had shot him. Police K9 and tik-tok star get live-saving surgery at OSU after he was shot twice. Thurston county sheriff canine Arlo back home after undergoing surgery on the organ. The police dog and an armed driver are in the hospital right now. 

K9 Arlo – The Actual Incident 

A dog looking at the camera

After a police chase and shooting overnight in Thurston county. Back on January 14th one of its troopers shot the driver and the driver shot the canine named Arlo. The sheriff’s office had a suspect exchange gunfire with officers injuring the suspect K-9 Arlo on scene. The story that the K-9 was shot in the line of duty in Thurston country made waves in local news for weeks and even got national attention to all the elements of a feel-good news story. Police apprehended a suspect in a high-speed chase. He pointed a gun at them and their dog had been injured in the altercation but not to worry the community is saving the canine Arlo. The only problem was the gun wielded by the suspect that had suggested shot Arlo did not contain any bullets, no shell casings from his weapon were found at the scene. The only bullets that were fired came from the police.


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It took around tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills and surgery for K9 Arlo’s injuries. Arlo returned home in January just like a hero. In a world full of people who focus on getting themselves safe and getting access to resources that they would use and leverage, we have Dogs accompanying humans who would like to fight \crime in the world. This article has spoken about one such that we all should be proud of. Arlo has been a hero for all the efforts he has invested and he rightly deserved the recognition and appreciation from all of us at the time. But it is time to start understanding and appreciating and remembering the heroes who fight for us. We hope you find this article helpful and informative. 

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