Japanese White Dog Breeds – Learn More About The Breeds

japanese white dog breeds

With their pointed triangular ears, unique curly tails, athletic and muscular looks, Japanese dog breeds are remarkably similar. Kishu Ken, Karafuto Ken, Japanese Chin, Japanese Spitz. Hokkaido Inu are just a few white dog breeds in Japan. These are also known for being among the most protective and loyal breeds here in the world. Japanese white dog breeds are quite popular around the globe. They are white in color and look super adorable. Their white dogs are child-friendly and playful. 

Japanese White Dog Breeds – Spitz, Japanese

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The Japanese Spitz is a companion breed that enjoys being with its family and is a true comedian. They are eager to learn because they want to please their family, and they constantly have a smile on their face. Their pure white coat includes a mane-like characteristic around their neck, which makes them stand out. Their tails wrap over their backs in a lovely hair plume, just like other spitz breeds. They resemble a fox with a pointed muzzle, black snout, black eye rims, and pointed triangle ears that stand erect and move like radar towers, hearing everything going on around them and making this breed exceptionally vigilant. 

Japanese White Dog Breeds – Kishu

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The Kishu, also known as the Kishu Ken, is a Japanese dog breed that has existed for thousands of years. This medium-sized canine hails from the Kishu region and was historically widely utilized for boar and deer hunting. Her build is similar to that of the Akita and Shiba Inu, with the Spitz triangle face, prick ears, and long, coiled tail. The Kishu’s coat is only available in solid colors (to be accepted as such). White, black, crimson, and sesame are among the options. The most prevalent coat colour is white. This breed adores its family and is particularly fond of children. She will devote herself entirely to her solitary owner or family, and no one else. 

Japanese White Dog Breeds – Japanese Chin

With her shattered face, spaced-out eyes, and feather plume of a tail, the Chin is an unusual dog to look at. This is one of the oldest Japanese dog breeds, having resided in imperial courts for centuries. With a thick coat of silky, velvety fur with a feathery texture all over her body and head, she has maintained an aristocratic aspect over the decades. It comes in black and white or red and white two-tone tones.  The Chin will take delicate steps and lick herself clean. She also swats at things with her paws like a cat. When it comes to family dogs, it doesn’t get any better in terms of temperament. The Chin is a pleasant, playful, and well-mannered creature.


Learning about the native breeds and breeds segregated country-wise will help you understand how to care for them if you happen to adopt one. Native Japanese dog breeds are one-of-a-kind, with each displaying a distinct set of characteristics that make them popular as companions, hunters, working dogs, and guard dogs all over the world.

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