Japanese Hunting Dog Breeds That You Never Knew Existed

japanese hunting dog breeds

Japanese hunting dog breeds are all very strong, agile, and intelligent, making them extremely capable and suitable for not only hunting purposes which were all that they were used for many years ago but are all now apartment-friendly and can be used as domestic pets as well with great training, care, love, and attention provided to them, hence a few notable breeds are as follows. This article contains information on Japanese hunting dog breeds.

Japanese Hunting Dog Breeds – Shiba Inu

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This is the most popular Japanese dog breed and is the smallest of the Spitz breed of dogs in Japan. Recently, apartment-friendly breeds of smaller sizes are also gaining popularity due to their cuteness which makes everyone so fond of them, however, they are originally hunting dogs used to hunt wild boars and are independent as well as territorial. They weigh around 16 to 22 pounds and are 13 to 17 inches in height. They have small pointy ears and a wedge-shaped snout. Shiba Inu’s are known to be quick and nimble with their movements and have an athletic and fiery personality.

Japanese Hunting Dog Breeds – Shikoku Ken

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The Shikoku Ken spitz-type breed of Japanese dogs is known for their wolf-like appearance and stubbornness since they do not get along with other dogs as well as the Shiba Inus. However, they are known to be great companions for those who love the outdoors and can take their dogs on walks and strolls to parks and or other, more challenging terrains since these hunting dogs love the outdoors, mountain ranges, and other natural habitats. These dogs weigh around 33-45 pounds and are 17-21 inches in height but they are extremely rare to find, even in Japan. There are three varieties of this breed, namely the Awas, Hongawas, and the Hatas.

Japanese Hunting Dog Breeds – Hokkaido Ken

Hokkaido Kens have a thick outer coat to prevent them from getting easily cold, allowing them to survive in colder regions when compared to other hunting dogs. They are known to be extremely capable when it comes to what they do best- hunting, and are strong-willed and may even show aggression towards other dogs due to their strong presence which is feared by small bears and even wild boars. They weigh around 44 pounds and are 18-20 inches in height. Devoted and intelligent, the Hokkaido Kens develop strong bonds with their owners over time and require a lot of attention. Since they are exceptional hunters, they have great stamina and are very alert, and can endure more than other dogs in comparison.


If you are interested in adopting a hunting breed, then you should know every single detail about the breed that exists and how to take care of it before you decide on it considering the fact that it requires good maintenance and attention as they grow up. We hope this article has taught you a little about these famous Japanese hunting dog breeds and if you’re looking to adopt any, be sure to treat them well with plenty of affection and attention and feed them right!

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