Japanese Dog Breeds List That You Need

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Dogs are one of the best things that has happened to mankind. There are many dog breeds that you will find in the market and one such dog breed are Japanese dog breeds. You will love these creatures who are cute and cuddly. There are many amazing dog breeds when it comes to Japanese dogs and all of them are equally lovable. You will see that these dogs are awesome and they listen to what humans say in the best way possible. hese are the Japanese dog breeds list that you need to know about and this japanese dog breeds list is one of the best ones that you will find on the internet. 

Akita Inu

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Have you heard of Hachiko – the lovable doggy whose legacy lives on as a Japanese canine statue in Shibuya? Then you recognize the Akita Inu. Another famous Japanese breed is the Akita Inu. But in contrast to the Shiba Inu, the Akita Inu is bigger and bulkier. You will now no longer see a lot of this breed in the city. Akita Inus are a part of the spitz ‘own circle of relatives and, therefore, have developments which are best for bloodless climate which includes thick, lengthy fur and a double coat. They have a bear-like face and huge bone structure. The Japanese Akita may be sesame, brindle, red, fawn, or natural white, however it has to have urajiro markings at the chest, cheeks, and tail areas.

Hokkaido Inu

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The Hokkaido Inu (or Hokkaido Ken) is assumed to have an older bloodline in comparison to the opposite Japanese canine breeds. From Japan’s northernmost island, the Hokkaido Inu has a thicker outer coat, large paws, and smaller ears to assist them address the frigid cold. Intelligent, sturdy, and devoted, the Hokkaido Inu were bred to be searching dogs, able to handle wild boars or even small bears. As a result, they remain a very sturdy-willed breed and can display aggression closer to different dogs. They have a tendency to broaden a totally sturdy bond with their proprietors and require an honest quantity of attention.

Kai Ken

The Kai Ken is one of the maximum one-of-a-kind of the authentic Japanese canine breeds. It’s smooth to recognise why they may be affectionately nicknamed the “tiger canine” from their coat colors. The Kai Ken have been bred to be hunters of untamed game, consisting of boar, deer, and fowl. As the breed originated in Japan’s mountain regions, they developed to be short, with nicely evolved muscles. They also are particularly intelligent, short learners, and have a tendency to be pretty independent, even though they love to delight their owners.


Given their roots, all these dogs are completely energetic canines with an intact looking instinct. As a result, you will need to make sure you do not stroll them without a leash, as they will in all likelihood find something extra interesting!

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