Japanese Chin Dogs - Traits, Habits, and Characteristics

5 Thing To Know About Japanese Chin Dogs

It is easy to get confused between a Japanese Chin dog and a cat. These very cute, amusing and pretty dogs have a lot of interesting and intriguing facts about them. They are a favorite of the noble and elite class and owning them was a sign of luxury some years back. Read on further to know some amusing facts about a Japanese Chin Dog.

5 Thing To Know About Japanese Chin Dogs
5 Thing To Know About Japanese Chin Dogs

Key Traits Of A Japanese Chin Dog

They are considered as toys by the AKC dog association. They grow between 8 to 11 inches and weigh around 4 to 15 pounds. These dogs can live up to 10 to 15 years. These are very small and dainty looking dogs with a typical flat face. Initially, this breed was named as a Japanese Spaniel. They are protruding eyes that are set apart with typical white corners. These dogs have cute, v-shaped ears with a lot of hair and also a very short nose. They have feet that look like that of a hare. Their tail is high-set and plumed. These dogs possess a smooth and silky coat in black, white, tan, lemon, sable, and black hues.

Origin Of A Japanese Chin Dog

These dogs come from China. Moreover, they were initially found in the Chinese Imperial courts. The Chinese gifted one of these dogs to Japan as a gift and since then, they have been a favorite of the Japanese people. This cute little dog has been found on many ancient tapestries and pottery pieces. Moreover, the first Japanese Chin dogs that set their foot in England were those gifted to Queen Victoria in 1853. But their breeding in England eventually halted owing to World War 1. In America, these dogs were officially brought from Europe in 1888 to start their breeding there.

5 Thing To Know About Japanese Chin Dogs
5 Thing To Know About Japanese Chin Dogs

Are Japanese Chin Dogs Friendly?

These dogs are affectionate, playful, and also very alert. But sometimes, they can be very stubborn and headstrong. They are often very devoted to their family members but are not too comfortable around strangers. These dogs can be very good watchdogs, but they do not bark a lot. They love to self-groom just like cats. They are also quite amusing as they love to get on high-spots in your house, like the top of your sofa.

Should You Buy This Dog For Yourself?

These dogs have low exercise needs. A small walk every day is enough for them. Moreover, they need to be socialized to tolerate other human presence. Japanese Chins are perfect for apartments. Furthermore, they have medium grooming needs and you need to brush their coats twice a week. You need to clean their eyes often and also trim their nails once a week.

If all the grooming needs and exercise requirements suit you, then you can get a Japanese Chin for yourself. These are very cute companions to own. Once you teach them tricks and games, they can keep you entertained, but you will have to monitor them closely to understand what sparks their stubborn mind-set.

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