Japanese Chin Dog Charactertistics, health and traits

Interesting Facts About A Japanese Chin Dog

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The Japanese Chin dog is basically from Japan, Asia. Possessing this breed was once considered a luxury in Japan and China and many affluent houses have had them as companions for thousands of years. This breed got a further distinctive look in Japan. It is dainty and elegant and also very playful. This breed was also known as the Japanese Spaniel in the United States until 1977.

Interesting Facts About A Japanese Chin Dog
Interesting Facts About A Japanese Chin Dog

History Of A Japanese Chin Dog

This dog is an ancient breed that first originated in the Chinese Imperial courts. It was very highly prized then and was usually given as gifts to other royal courts in different kingdoms. This dog breed was first given as a gift to the emperor of Japan and since then the fancy for Japanese Chins grew in Japan.

This dog is a cross between a spaniel and some other small dog to eventually get the look it has today. President Franklin Pierce, then-Secretary-of-War Jefferson Davis and Perry’s daughter Caroline Perry Belmont, were the first American owners of the Japanese Chin. Owning this breed was a sign of nobility and wealth in those days.

Interesting Facts About A Japanese Chin Dog
Interesting Facts About A Japanese Chin Dog

Size And Personality

A Japanese Chin Dog is quite sturdy and also has a very refined look. It is around 8 to 11 inches tall and can weigh around 4 to 9 pounds. This dog is happy and charming. They are also quite affectionate and intelligent. Although they love to talk a lot, they do not bark unnecessarily. According to the Chinese, this dog loves to sing. It also chatters a lot to announce the arrival of strangers or guests.

This breed is highly impacted by the nature of those around them. If the dog is owned by a reserved person, it becomes reserved and if the dog lives in a noisy household, they become active too. This dog loves to live with people around and may suffer from separation anxiety if left alone. This affectionate dog can sometimes be shy around people but is otherwise quite talkative with its known people.

Health Of A Japanese Chin Dog

The general health of these dogs is good, but they are prone to certain genetical diseases. A good breeder might let you know about the problems in the puppy’s parents. Hip Dysplasia, luxating patellas, cataracts, and some heart murmurs. Sometimes, they may face eye problems or breathing issues. Extreme high temperatures should be avoided. These have a typical life-span of 12 to 14 years. Some of these dogs can live for more than 15 years also.

Care Of A Japanese Chin Dog

The coat of these dogs requires weekly brushing to maintain it. These dogs do not require frequent bathing. They are single-coated and are also single-hair shedders. A Japanese Chin dog does not have an undercoat. It is very necessary to give them a lot of fiber in their diet, else they may suffer from impacted anal glands. You should wipe their faces occasionally with a cotton swab to prevent fungal infections. This breed sleeps for 16 to18 hours a day.

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