Jack Russell Terrier Dog Characteristics and Personality

Everything You Need To Know About Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier dog breed is not for everyone. They are very energetic dogs. You need to exercise them well. These dogs are quite vocal and have a hunting instinct. They have a tendency to explore and cannot be house-bound or caged. They have a tendency to wander to fulfill their hunting urges. Moreover, you cannot reduce or remove their hunting instincts even by training. The Jack Russell Terrier dogs cannot be kept in a house with hamsters or cats as they prey on them.

Everything You Need To Know About Jack Russell Terrier
Everything You Need To Know About Jack Russell Terrier

Specifications Of A Jack Russell Terrier

Both, the male and the female dog roughly weigh around 13 to 17 lbs. They require 40 minutes of exercise per day and have a life-span of 13 to 15 years. These dogs have a high tendency to bark, but very low tendency to drool. They also have a high tendency to dig. This breed is generally bred for fox hunting. It has a short, flat, and hard coat in white color with tan or black patterns. Jack Russell Terriers have a compact and highly muscular body.

Everything You Need To Know About Jack Russell Terrier
Everything You Need To Know About Jack Russell Terrier

Personality Of Jack Russell Terrier Dogs

These are happy and energetic dogs with a strong desire to do some work. They love being given a job to do and also prefer companionship. These dogs love to dig and hunt. They can easily dig your entire yard. As these dogs have a desire to hunt and are very energetic, it is a must to train them. They make good watchdogs and they are not very friendly around children or other animals. They can be very harmful to other breeds of dogs.

History Of This Breed

This breed got its name from Reverend John Russell, who bred the finest terriers for working fox. This one is a baying dog, which means that it can flush out a fox with its barking, but will never kill its prey. This breed has been bred for hunting since 1800. They are further categorized into sub-breeds because of the difference in the leg length. The dogs with longer legs are known as Parson Jack Russell Terriers and those with shorter legs are called Jack Russell Terriers. This breed rose to fame after it was exposed to media in the show ‘Frasier’, in which the Terrier plays the role of ‘Eddie’.

Is Jack Russell A Dangerous Dog?

This terrier breed can be very vicious to humans, young children, and even other dogs and animals. They are most likely to attack humans. Reports of canine attacks involve Jack Russells more than any other breed in 2015. Some also have a tendency to bite. They can be very destructive if not given a job to do. They have behavioral problems only when they are left idle and with no companions.

Are Jack Russells loyal dogs?

Once they develop a strong attachment with you, this breed can be loyal, affectionate and also very intelligent. They were bred to be hunting dogs and hence are very energetic. They easily prey upon hamsters and cats.

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