How To Choose Best Dog Treats For Training

best dog treats for training

Everyone loves dogs, is adorable, loyal, trustworthy, and fun to have around. But, no one likes a disobedient dog, so pet owners have started to train their dogs. The best way to train your dog is to treat them with something they love while teaching them how to do some funny tricks, or how to fetch a ball, etc. But, one of the most critical things while treating them is which kind of treat to use to give to your dogs. Now, there are many kinds of food available in the market to treat your dogs. 

First, crunchy treats, this is the kind that mainly includes tasty cookies that dogs love to eat and will help you teach them tricks with ease.

The second kind of food available in the market is soft treats. They are soft-textured and chewy. The next type of food is called Rawhide. A kind of bone treat made up of animal hide and a few chemicals. However, the vets do not recommend using this. 

Things To Consider Before Treating Your Dog 

1. Size of your dog 

Dog Treats

The dog’s size plays a vital role in picking up the treats. You can’t offer a big kind of treat to a small-sized dog and vice-versa. The nutrition requirement of every dog is based on their size, so consider the size of your dog and treat them accordingly. 

2. Read the contents thoroughly 

Dog Treats

Some foods offer a mineral-rich content, and some provide vitamin-rich food, so knowing what your dogs need is essential. Make sure you read the contents exhaustively and purchase the food that fulfills the requirements of your dog. 

3. Texture of the food 

There are chewy types, crunchy and more types available in the market. Choose your kind according to the requirements of your dog. If your dog has sensitive teeth, you should prefer soft chews. The alternatives to soft, chewy food are dry treats and wet treats. 

Best Online Treats For Your Lovely Dogs 

There are several treats available online for your furry friends. Which ones are the best? Here are the top three products for your dogs – 

1. Lil Bitz – Tasty Training Treats: 

A bite-sized chewy morsel, a lovely treat for your dogs. Lil Bitz is grain-free, and that’s what makes it the number one choice. The Lil Bitz cost 625 rupees only. 

2. Meat Up Chicken Flavour Dog Treats: 

Treat with a crunchy texture and with a tasty flavor of the meat. The crunchy texture helps to remove tartar and plaque build-up. It contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to promote a heavy coat and a shinier fur. Meat Up Chicken Flavour Dog Treats costs you 199 rupees only. 

3. Acana Prairie Poultry Dog Food: 

It’s a type of dry treatment that uses low glycemic oats. They also help in maintaining your dog’s sugar level. It is a protein-rich food supplement with various proteins from turkey, chicken, eggs, and herring oil. This product is as cheap as ₹ 299.


It completely depends on you what you give your dog a treat. Still, we recommend that high-protein foods are the best dog treats for training.

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