How Do Police Service Dog Breeds Such As German Shepherd Helps In Catching Drug Mafias?

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Nobody knows when humans originally tamed dogs, but one thing is certain: dogs and humans have lived together for thousands of years. Thanks to contemporary training methods, dogs have become an important part of many people’s lives, not only as friends, but also as police service dog breeds, police search-and-rescue dogs, and bomb- or drug-sniffing dogs. Few dogs, on the other hand, are expected to offer as much as police dogs.

Most large city police agencies now use police service dog breeds such as German Shepherd dogs to track down criminals, sniff out illegal substances, search buildings, and perform other jobs that human officers cannot do as well as a dog. Not only are thousands of police dogs on the job every day, but hundreds have given their lives to protect and serve.

Training For Police Dogs Is An Integral Part

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All police dogs must initially learn the fundamentals of obedience training. They must blindly accept their handler’s directions. This is what keeps the dog’s natural animosity in check and lets the officer to control how much force the dog uses against a suspect.

A dog’s sense of smell is discriminating as well as sensitive. Even when surrounded by dozens of different odors, it can distinguish a specific aroma. Drug traffickers have attempted wrapping cocaine in perfume-soaked towels to fool drug-sniffing dogs, but the dogs consistently identify the substances.

Police Dogs Are Not Only Dependent On Their Smell

A dog wearing a costume

However, a police dog’s work isn’t only based on his sniff. When they hear the menacing growl of a well-trained German shepherd, many criminals would surrender rather than run or fight. “When I bring out the dog, they instantly realize they can’t reason with him, intimidate him, or scare him,” said Breston’s handler, Officer Dan Smith. Physical confrontations can be avoided by merely having a police dog there.

European dogs are typically trained in their native language. Many people believe that this is done so that no one other than the handler can give them a “attack” order in English by mistake. This is legendary. The real answer is quite simpler: the dogs were trained to respond to specific command phrases, and it is far easier for the officer to learn a few Dutch or German words than it is to retrain the dog with new commands.

In addition, a police dog must be able to complete endurance and agility training. The dog must be capable of climbing stairs and leaping over walls. Every dog in the city is socialized because a dog who is afraid of humans will not be an effective police dog.


Finally, each dog undergoes specialized training. Many canines are trained to look for drugs, but some are bomb or gun sniffers. Police dogs can also be used to locate missing people or suspects. In this article you may have come to know about the specialized training that results in a dog that can detect illegal drugs.

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