Dog Vaccinated: Advantages And Disadvantages

Dog Vaccinated: Advantages And Disadvantages

You’ve probably seen a lot of ads with the promise of getting your dog vaccinated and may be wondering if it is worth the money. With so many available options, it can seem like there are too many choices to make. There are some things you should know before you go ahead and get your dog vaccinated. Here are some facts about canine vaccination.

Types Of Vaccinations

The two main types of vaccinations that dogs get are distemper and rabies. Some people who have dogs get the booster shots to protect them against the possibility of future disease, but the rabies vaccine can only be used for post-exposure protection. Distemper can be easily prevented through the use of a vaccine.

canine vaccination
Dog Vaccinated: Advantages And Disadvantages

Different Types Of Dogs

An important thing to remember about vaccination importance is the fact that different types of dogs require different vaccinations. Some vaccines protect against canine distemper and rabies; however, these are the most common.


Diphtheria is a bacterial disease that can lead to an inflammation of the throat. It’s very contagious, and it can be caused by a virus that can spread quickly from person to person. This disease is highly contagious and can be passed on in oral or nasal secretions.

Rabies: Dog Vaccinated

Rabies is a very serious disease that can take a dog’s life in one or two days. Although not everyone is at risk of contracting rabies, it is still highly contagious.

Distemper: Dog Vaccinated

Dogs can also contract a disease called distemper. This is a highly contagious disease that can cause your dog to cough up a lot of mucus. If your dog catches this disease, he or she can easily spread it to others.

Check Safety Of Your Dog

Before vaccinating your dog, do a safety check on your pet. Look at their ears and check their eyes, mouth, and skin to see if they are healthy.

Find The Discount Offer: Dog Vaccinated

Vaccinations can be costly, so make sure you look around at several companies to find one that offers discounts that last the whole year-round. Depending on your area, there may be several companies that provide good rates.

Companies Provide Good Rates

You should also consider getting vaccinations more than once. Your vet will tell you how often you should have your dog vaccinated, usually once every month or every other month. Some dogs get very sick often, while others have fewer issues and only need yearly vaccinations.

Vaccinate At Least Once In A Year

If you have puppies, make sure you have your dog vaccinated at least once a year because they can sometimes become unvaccinated and re-infected. They may even need boosters depending on how sick they are.

Facts About Dog Vaccinated And Cannie Vaccination
Dog Vaccinated: Advantages And Disadvantages

Healthy Dogs: Dog Vaccinated

The best way to make sure you have a healthy dog is to have your dog vaccinated. Aside from being effective in preventing diseases, it can also make your pet less susceptible to catching other diseases.

Fibal Words

Getting vaccinations can be very expensive, but with proper planning, you can get some great discounts. Check out the different companies and find the ones that offer the best prices.

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