Dog Training Methods and techniques which are famous

Popular Dog Training Methods

Dog training methods are plenty, but a few are quite popular. When you set out to train your dog, it is natural to get confused about which method to adopt. Here are some popular training methods explained and you can choose whichever suits you the most.

Popular Dog Training Methods
Popular Dog Training Methods

Dominance Dog Training Method

This method focuses on your dog’s natural instincts. Dogs believe that the head of the family should dominate them. They naturally follow a social hierarchy just like a pack of wolves. In this method, your dog will accept you as the Alpha or the head of the family and submit themselves to you. You need to understand dog body language and behave with authority and confidence in whatever you do.

The dog observes your body language and follows you. You have to behave as if you are dominant. Cesar Millan developed this dominance dog training method, but many people call it outdated today. This method is good at correcting bad behaviors but does not address the underlying reason for it.

Positive Reinforcement

Celebrity trainers like Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz popularized this method. They used positive reinforcement to train Obama’s Dog – Bo. This theory focuses on the concept that dogs will repeat or perform good behavior when it gets them a reward. Never praise your dog or give it a reward for bad behavior display. In this method, you reward your dog immediately after he behaves in the desired way.

You need to behave the same way every time in this method. Everyone in the house should also know that they are supposed to use the same method for your dog. You need to start with continuous rewards and then proceed to intermittent rewards as you cannot be giving rewards every time. These rewards include toys, praise, and treats.

Popular Dog Training Methods
Popular Dog Training Methods

Scientific Dog Training Method

This is a difficult training procedure as you need to understand your dog’s nature and their skills. Scientific training methods are constantly developing and evolving. Moreover, trainers rely on new studies and experiments conducted by animal behaviorists to use in their scientific training methods.

Furthermore, this concept is very broad and it is hard to write down the key elements. You need to focus on operational conditioning, positive reinforcement and also on punishment. Professionals should adopt this method for proper training.

Clicker Dog Training Method

This method solely relies on operant conditioning. This one and positive reinforcement are quite similar. The only difference is that in this method you use a device known as a clicker that makes a sharp noise, just like a whistle. Furthermore, this noise signals the dog that their behavior is acknowledged and praised.

Moreover, this training method can be used to signal the exact moment of desired behavior. This explains the dog better as to when his behavior is acknowledged and why is he being rewarded. This device is used for shaping new behavior patterns in dogs and also for adding verbal commands.

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