Dog In Season Behavior – Know How To Keep Him Disciplined

dog in season behaviour

Dogs in season might exit a different set of behavior. This can be easily taken care of by providing the necessary attention. Dogs in season behavior can be taken care of well. One has to cater to the needs and provide a response to the signs exhibited. Observation and supervision are all we need to understand our dogs. More the time we spend more the bonding we get. Sometimes, we keep ourselves aware of giant things and forget general stuff. If you found general points in the tutorial, re-check once if you are doing it right. The owners have to take responsibility for catering to the unusual activity and providing the required care. There could be variations in the behavior of name and female dogs.

Dog In Season Behavior – In season

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Female dogs who have reached maturity but not yet been spayed will come to season naturally once or twice a year. This is the period when the dog has the chance of becoming pregnant. This period can last for about three weeks.

There are several signs that show that your dog is in season. A different dogs in season behaviors can be noticed during this period.

Dog In Season Behavior Signs

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One of the signs of dogs coming in season is vulva swelling. It can be observed that the dogs’ vulva increase in size and becomes more prominent. This swell can be different for each dog. Along with the swell, dogs can expensive red bloody discharge from the vulva. This is because the uterus is becoming softer and ready for pregnancy.

One can also observe high activity levels as dogs in season behavior. Dogs can get restless and easily tired due to this excessive activity. The dogs can also be easily aggravated and can be angry with other dogs and people too.

The dogs can also have increased appetite. However, sometimes, the dogs might not have any appetite and could be disinterested in food. The dogs can also urinate more frequently during this period.

Dog In Season Behavior – Behavioral change

Dogs in season behavior can be quite different from the normal times. They might demand more attention from their owners during this time. They might also crave attention from the opposite gender.

Sometimes dogs might be more aggressive and decline instructions that they normally obey. Owners have to keep a close eye on the dogs in season and not let them out of sight. The urge to mate might make them run away and get lost easily.


New or old, every dog owner has this worry. Is my dog being healthy? Is his routine right? Am I making a mistake? Somewhere or the other, this keeps disturbing us. Between, this is a topping on sadness. How often is my dog needing to go to the bathroom and is he doing it right? Dogs in season behavior can be sometimes quite different. They can behave quite opposite to their normal behavior. The pet owners have to ensure that they price enough attention and care to help the dogs stay safe.

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