Dog Circling Behaviour – Understanding Your Dogs Behaviour

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Circling by a dog can be very normal, but it should not be taken lightly if it is regularly occurring as it can be a signal for many diseases. These activities can occur in dogs while doing their regular activities, such as urinating, investigating, defecating, which is not normal. Add that time, and they might also be going through pain or neurological disease or canine dementia. And after seeing such symptoms, one should show it to a veterinary Doctor. Canine vestibular disease or canine cognitive dysfunction can be a reason for elder dog cycling behavior.

Symptoms Of Dog Circling Behavior

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Not every dog have the same symptoms, but some of the common symptoms of dog circling behavior are:

Your dog continues doing circling even if you offer them a walk or other alternative activity.

They stay confused or disoriented.

They do aimless wandering.

There is a change in sleeping habits.

There is a change in their behavior.

There is a change in house training habits.

Their appetite might increase or decrease.

Change in their other activities such as excessive barking, fly chasing, tail snapping, etc.

Causes Of Circling In Dogs

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Here are some of the reasons that can be a cause of dog circling behavior:

Anxiety or anxiety disorder – is a fear of loud noise or crackers. They can even do any activity repeatedly. They might lack physical or mental stability, or they can remember any past dramatic event or injury that causes them anxiety.

Liver disease – the diseased liver can lead to various neurological issues such as circling, behavioral changes, etc. It can also occur when blood is spread around the liver, which allows the toxins to build up.

Canine cognitive dysfunction – causes deposits in brains that happen in humans. It can also lead to restlessness and changing vocalization.

Ear infection – parasitic or fungal disorders can affect the central balance, leading to circling, restlessness, etc.

Treatment For Circling Behavior

The treatment for dogs circling behavior will be done based on symptoms found by the veterinary doctors. Some of them are:

If the symptom is related to behavior, they will implement behavioral pieces of training and make changes in the dog’s daily routine to reduce anxiety and stress.

If systematic conditions are found then, they can go for surgical options and medications as per the situation.

If the problem is caused due to dietary issues then, they will make changes in the dog’s diet to reduce it.

If there is a canine cognitive dysfunction, it cannot be cured, but we can maintain it by changing the dog’s environment and dog’s daily routine.

Suppose the preliminary remedy plan does now no longer forestall your dog from circling. In that case, you may need to look at your vet to observe as much as having your dog tested to decide if there’s some other motive or if some other spherical remedy is needed.


Dog circling behavior is when your dog continues to circulate regularly; it is natural, but sometimes it is a signal of various harmful diseases caused by multiple factors that can be cured and treated immediately.

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