Dog Breed: Find The Perfect Dog Breed For You

Dog Breed: Find The Perfect Dog Breed For You

How to find the perfect dog breed is a question that thousands of pet owners ask themselves. A few years ago, the answer was easy: merely seeing the puppies and their pictures.

Thousand Of Dogs Are Born Every Year

Images like those you see in your favorite magazine. But, as it turns out, thousands of puppies and dogs are born every year, and you don’t see them in magazines or on the Internet. And that’s fine, but it does mean that the final picture and description of the puppy may not be as accurate as you might want.

Canine Breeder: The Perfect Dog Breed

Finding the perfect dog breed is usually done by searching for them through a canine breeder. Most of the time, you will be looking for purebreds or pedigree dogs, which means that you will want to find a breeder who has access to the most beautiful and most fertile breeds.

Knowledgeable Staff And Comfortable Environment

All breeders are not created equal, and some may offer better service than others. The two most essential qualities that any reputable breeder should have been knowledgeable staff and a comfortable environment. No matter what the breed, a puppy should always be seen by its prospective owner before it is shipped off to a breeding facility.

Confirm Your Feeling About Them

Many breeders will refuse to ship their pups to a facility if they are unsure that they are not mixed with another breed. The trick is to find out as much about the prospective owners so you can confirm your feelings about them. Not all breeders go out of their way to deceive potential customers, but some do try to game the system.

Learn The Characteristics Of Dogs

With a little bit of knowledge, you can learn the characteristics that are considered by a good breeder and can determine which breed is best for you. You will want to ask the breeder where the animals came from, what its origin is, and why the breeder does not have them for sale.

American Kennel Club:The Perfect Dog Breed

It would be great if all breeders had been willing to take the purity tests used by the American Kennel Club, but many are unwilling to do so. Knowing what you need to know about the breed makes you able to narrow down the options a lot easier. Once you know which breed is the best match for you, you can take a good look at the photos of the animals that you like and determine which one would be the most like you.

Preference Of The Pup’s Color And Marking

Of course, likely, you will not end up with crossbreeds. If you have a clear preference for the pups’ color and markings, you will have a long list of potential choices. This is a good thing since many of the crossbreeds that you find will not have the same traits that you do.

In many cases, crossbreeds will end up looking more like you than they will resemble you. For instance, a Dalmatian with English pointers will tend to look like a large Spaniel. In other words, you will get what you pay for.

Find The Perfect Dog Breed

To learn what traits are common to all purebreds, you should start by taking a look at the colors and markings of the breed. Those of the breed you are interested in will fall into the breed category you are looking for. So, be sure to be aware of what you want before you ask how to find the perfect dog breed.

Dog Breed: Find The Perfect Dog Breed For You
Dog Breed: Find The Perfect Dog Breed For You

Find More About Their Genetic Disposition

Knowing what the breed has to offer, you will be able to find out more about their genetic disposition and temperament. If you find a dog that fits your needs, you should know the breed that is similar to it. If you don’t have this information, you will not be able to determine the proper breed for you.


If you are looking for a dog because you are interested in keeping it as a pet and nothing more, you should try to find a perfect breed for you. A breeder that has a good reputation and knows what they are doing will be the best bet for finding the right dog for you.

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