Dog Behaviour Meaning – What Does It Mean To Us

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One of the most common questions I am asked is what does dog behaviour mean? To put it very simply, dogs do what they do because they WANT to. It’s like children; we don’t do things for no reason at all. The dog behaviour meaning that I am about to tell you is what the dog behaviourists say is going on in the mind of your dog when he barks. If your dog barks when he should not then it’s a problem. If he barks when he should be sleeping then there is more of a problem.

An Overview

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Dogs bark for a number of reasons. One of the most common reason dogs will bark is if they are frightened. Most dogs don’t have any fear of thunderstorms, fireworks or other wild animals. This means you shouldn’t assume that just because your dog doesn’t bark at night that he’s not scared during the day. There are other dog behaviour meaning which means your dog might be afraid.

A dog who barks at vehicles is most likely scared of them. Did you know that dogs are afraid of moving vehicles? If your dog barks at your car when you approach it from behind then it’s probably not a big problem. However, if your dog starts barking at the sight of your car and especially at the sound of the engine then maybe you have a problem. Some dogs are scared of loud noises also.

Dog Behavior Meaning

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A dog who barks when you’re near can be very threatening. If you’re leaving the house or even if you’re going into the house, you can’t tell if your dog is going to bark. You can usually stop your dog from barking by either calling him or shaking him by the shoulder. Of course this only works if you’re standing right next to the dog.

Some dogs start their behaviour problems way back when they were puppies. This dog behaviour meaning ‘annoyance’ is something that many puppies will exhibit from the start. Many puppies are brought up being aggressive towards people and other dogs. Puppies who are constantly being shouted at will probably grow up with a little dog aggression meaning that they’re going to bark at people and other animals. It’s actually a really cute dog behaviour called ‘hare’.

Other dogs might bark when you’re away from the house or when you come back after dark. Dogs like to keep fit so if you’re out all day long and you bring your dog inside for some exercise, that could be a cause of some frustration and irritation for the two of you. If you leave your dog alone for long periods of time then it might develop resentment towards you. If you own a puppy that’s small then you may find it difficult to feed it every day. That’s one dog behaviour meaning ‘you’ll have a hard time’.

It can be really annoying if your dog barks at everything and then you get worried and end up calling the police. This dog behaviour meaning ‘annoyance’ is a common one. Many dogs are born with a barking mind. But for some reason if a dog starts barking too much it does not seem to know ‘when to bark’. And if you train a dog in obedience training and then stop training the dog then it might develop a barking habit.

Bottom Line

You may have heard that some dogs like to chew on shoes. Although some dogs will and some won’t, but in general a dog will chew anything it can get its hand into. A dog who’s been neglected or abused will often chew anything it can get its mouth around. That’s not too surprising because it means the dog is feeling abandoned and that’s why it’ll bite anything and everything it can find. So, if you feel your dog isn’t getting enough attention it might be a good idea to look into getting it some attention.

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