Dog Behavior Patterns Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

dog behaviour patterns

Dogs are the most beautiful creatures on this planet. They will love you unconditionally and will be loyal to you under any conditions. Just like a baby’s patterns, Dog Behavior Patterns are also a thing. These Dog Behavior Patterns are what every dog owner needs to know about. It is not a quick task to train a dog without knowing the Dog Behavior Patterns completely. Just like communication is the key for human beings, the same key applies to dogs as well. For developing a good level of understanding with your dog, you need to know about Dog Behavior Patterns thoroughly. There is a reason always behind why they behave in a certain way. Usually, dogs are sociable, happy, friendly, etc., but as per the Dog Behavior Patterns, if your dog behaves differently than he should, then there might be something with the health of your dog.

Different Dog Behavior Patterns

A close up of a zebra standing side by side looking at the camera

Behavior Regarding Feeding In a Puppy

A man riding skis down a snow covered slope

They usually go off to bed with the nipple in their mouth.

Show a good amount of non-nutritional sucking.

Their sucking strength increased by reinforcement of food.

Behavior Regarding Feeding In An Adult

They prefer eating more in a group

Whenever they are in a group, they force dominance in relationships, and the most dominating animals take the food


Behavior Regarding Drinking

A 20kg dog intakes around 1 liter of liquid

They drink nine times a day and 60ml each time

Playful Dog Behaviour Patterns

Playing is an important thing for dogs as it shows that they are active. Even though dogs enjoy playing on their own, they can always use recurring interactions. Interactive playing is extremely important for dogs. Since dogs are intelligent creatures, they can suffer from boredom as well. If you find that your pet dog is getting bored, then it can result in behavior inappropriately.

Resting Dog Behavior Patterns

Every dog has a different requirement of rest. However, a maximum amount of rest is needed by puppies. Some dogs prefer long resting periods, while others prefer longer playing periods.

Dog Behavior Patterns Regarding Exercise

Exercise is the most significant thing for dogs. They need to go out on walks regularly, and they need to be set free while running, of course, under your supervision. Their requirement of exercise depends on their breed, age, gender, etc. There are certain breeds of dogs that require a lot of exercise, while some don’t. So, while selecting your dog, do keep this point in your mind. The younger dogs need a restricted period of growth because it can disrupt their growth.

Training Period

A puppy needs to be trained about the environment they are going to live in. Initially, they will get scared from the noises, activities, and objects, but slowly and gradually, they will get used to it.


Dog Behaviour Patterns vary from dog to dog, which is why you need to know everything about your dog completely before buying it.

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