Important Things To Know Before Crate Training A Puppy

Crate training a puppy does not simply mean teaching it to go into its crate whenever you command, but it has a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind. The puppies and dogs should be taught that their crate is their happy place and it is all of their own.

They need to be shown that only good things happen in their crate and that they can relax inside their crate. When your dog is well-trained, it will go voluntarily inside its crate without creating a fuss and also would not mind being locked inside.

Important Things To Know Before Crate Training A Puppy
Important Things To Know Before Crate Training A Puppy

Why Go Through The Effort Of Crate Training A Puppy?

The effort of crate training a puppy is all worth it because, at times, you want your dog to be securely settled in its crate when you have guests at home. Sometimes, when you have guests who are afraid of dogs, you can command your dog to get inside its crate.


Sometimes, in case of renovation work going on in your house, you do not want your dog to move around and at that time, crate training helps. But you need to train your puppies properly because if you forcibly lock them inside a crate, they might feel isolated and even get depressed.

Important Things To Know Before Crate Training A Puppy
Important Things To Know Before Crate Training A Puppy

When Do You Know That Your Crate Training A Puppy Process Is Successful?

Many people feel that their dogs love being inside their crates, but this is not true always. Until you find your dogs happy and eager to get inside their crate, play with a toy inside, do not cry out even when you lock the door or just look happy to be in there, you can assume that you still need to work upon it.

What Are The Benefits Of Crate Training A Puppy?

Once you have crate trained your dog, you can

  • Give them a place of their own
  • Instill a feeling of security and safety in them
  • Keep them safe when you are not around to monitor their actions
  • Prepare them to go into bigger kennels
  • Take care of your furniture and other possessions
  • Effectively teach them house training

How Long It Take To Crate Train?

There is no fixed time limit for crate training a puppy. It depends upon their own personalities, whether they are timid or quick learners. It sometimes takes a week and sometimes a month. Some dogs may cry initially, but they soon get used to it. With proper planning and strategy, you can easily train your puppy to get inside its crate happily within a few weeks.

Requirements For Crate Training A Puppy

Get a comfortable looking crate for your dog. Keep in mind that they grow very quickly and hence buy a size that can easily contain them after a few months. Keep a comfortable blanket inside and put some toys inside. Furthermore, if possible take a picture of your puppy and put it on the door of the crate. This helps them relate the place as their own.

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