Choosing the Right K9 Dog Breeds For Police Work

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The police K9 is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States and worldwide. Although there are variations in size between breeds, most police dogs are about four to five years old. Some have been trained to work on sealed boats and other water-based jobs. They can be found everywhere, from small-town police departments to big cities.

How Is Police K9 Training?

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Police K9 training requires that they be obedient, energetic, and able to perform various tasks without becoming distracted. One of the first things that a new K9 officer will learn is identifying and searching for narcotics. Other duties include working at the dog’s height to search for suspects or in dark places such as parking lots. Most police K9s are very intelligent and eager to please their master.

German Shepherd

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One of the most popular police dog breeds is the German shepherd. Police forces use this breed all around the world. The German shepherd makes an excellent candidate for protection dog duty due to its strength and intelligence. They tend to be friendly and loving and make great companions for the family.

Doberman Pincher

Another excellent option for police dogs is the Doberman Pincher. These are wonderful dogs that have been bred to assist police departments with a variety of tasks. The Doberman Pincher will accompany its owner almost anywhere and assist police handlers in their work. The Doberman Pincher also makes an excellent watchdog.


Some other police dog breeds are the Terrier, which is smaller than the German Shepherd; the Rottweiler, which is larger than the Terrier; and the Anatolian Shepherd is the smallest breed of the police dog. These dogs are very trainable and have good dispositions but may be slow at learning. Police K9 training must begin early in a dog’s life to ensure it has a good temperament and aptitude for the job once it’s become a police dog. It’s essential to start police K9 training as soon as possible, especially if it is a young pup. When choosing a K9 to join your team, keep in mind that personality should play an essential role in the kind of K9 you choose.

Final Thoughts

The Portuguese Water Dog makes an excellent choice as a police dog because it has exceptional working abilities and a very affectionate and friendly dog. A water dog is strong, agile, and athletic, but they don’t do well in a cold climate, as their eyes can quickly become frosted. This breed does incredibly well with police work because it has excellent odor detection capabilities and tracking skills. They are great dogs for police work because they don’t get tired quickly and are highly alert. Police dogs should all be protected by a harness that fits tightly around their chest and back while keeping loose skin and fabric away from their neck and face.

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