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The Japanese Spitz is typically a medium sized, small to medium sized dog of the Spitz category. They were originally bred in Japan and have maintained their original small, medium, and big dog status ever since. There are differing standards around the globe as to what the perfect size of this breed should be, but generally they are bigger than their miniature cousins, the Pomeranian. They have an athletic body built which makes them fun and playful to be around, while at the same time capable of being trained to do tricks and to fetch.

This breed is very intelligent and eager to please. They are happy to be trained, however, they can get bored if they don’t have a constant supply of new things to do. The beauty of this breed is that you will never know when they will pop up. In fact, they are so gentle and cuddly that they are very attractive to kids.

Petting Dogs

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These dogs are known as “petting dogs” and love to be held and snuggled. Because of their long and curious noses, they enjoy snoozing on the fur of humans and other animals as well. They like to be in contact with people and animals, but they don’t like to bite or nibble. Instead, they will play gently with the skin.

These dogs will get along with other household pets and children, but like it when their owners cuddle and pet them. It is said that the Japanese Spitz will keep two dogs together if it is allowed. If two dogs fight then they usually end up licking each other’s face. In fact, they will sometimes fight when playing in the same room, but this is more of a playful event and not one that could result in biting.

Love To Run And Explore

This breed is very athletic. They love to run and explore, and they like long walks. They are not known for their obedience or for being house trained, however. These dogs will respond well to commands and will respond quickly to training. They have a long and sturdy build, and because of their long hair they do not require regular trimming.

Another interesting thing about these dogs is that they can act as good watch dogs as well. Many have been known to bark at strange noises and go off on their own for no apparent reason. The only problem with this is that it can be a difficult task for owners to involuntarily command these dogs back.

Variety Of Tasks

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Therefore, many Japanese Spitz dogs are given a variety of tasks such as looking out a window, playing fetch, and even taking dog toys from the floor. They are also very intelligent and are able to learn and follow simple commands.

While these dogs are known for their distinct characteristics, one of their most appealing qualities is their beauty. Many owners love to take pictures of them, and the Japanese Spitz is no exception. Their dark coat and cute little face make these dogs adorable, and they look even more beautiful when they are dressed up for events.

Easy To Care

These dog breeds are truly wonderful pets. They are easy to care for, they love to be around people, and they can be friendly when treated with respect. Anyone who has purchased a Japanese Spitz should know why they have become so popular over the years. If you are interested in owning one, you should know a few important things before you take home your new pet.

There are three basic characteristics that define all great breeders, and this includes temperament, training, and personality. You should always try to find a dog breeder who has bred the Japanese Spitz before, since they will have had the opportunity to socialize their puppies with humans. In addition to the parents, you should also look for grandparents, since these can provide valuable insight into the breeding process.

Sociability And Calmness

Look for a breed that is known for its sociability and calmness, and avoid the breed that is known for being high strung or aggressive. The last thing you want is for your dog to bite someone while you are walking outside, so you need to avoid these traits in your new dog!

The Jitsu is extremely patient and stable, but you need to spend plenty of time with them, teaching them how to behave. The breed is eager to please, so be prepared to give them lots of attention and praise when they perform the right actions.

Training your dog properly, will ensure that he understands what you expect of him and will quickly become an obedient, well trained member of your family. Jitsu dogs are very easy to train, but they can still become distracted, so it is important to remember to remain consistent and patient at all times.


The Jitsu is a great dog for people who like to travel, as they are very energetic, intelligent, and eager to please. They are also a very popular choice for those who love a dog that is beautiful, naturally beautiful, and yet totally devoted to their owner. Jitsu dogs are great for beginners because they are relatively simple to train and will do well with minimal exercise or contact. Once you start spending time with your Jitsu dog, you will discover that they are a great companion and are very loyal.

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