Choosing From Among The Military And Police Dog Breeds

military police dog breeds

Did you already know that not all military and police dogs are created equally? Do you want to know what those traits are, so you can choose the right dog for your needs?

Be Aware Of Dog’s Aggressiveness

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The first trait you should be aware of is aggressiveness. Military and police dogs are frequently deployed in hostile and volatile situations. That means they’ll come across as aggressive to both humans and other dogs they encounter. And, that’s not even considering the potential violence these dogs can cause to innocent civilians who are caught in their crossfire. Aggressive dogs like Dobermans are often prohibited from going to work with police and military personnel because of how likely it is that they might be maul someone who comes in contact with their fur.

The second trait we need to talk about is energy. This is particularly important for military dog breeds because their job requires them to be incredibly alert and hyper-sensitive to their environment. Any disruption to their daily routine, whether that’s a loud noise or moving, can really affect their performance. Hyper-activity in dogs can be a problem as well, but only if the dog is allowed to become destructive. Many large dogs like Dobermans are destructive and police dogs are often required to restrain these large dogs by physically restraining them in order to ensure their safety.

Endurance Plays An Important Role

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Another important characteristic to consider is endurance. Military dogs and police dogs are both physically active and heavily trained. They’re also used in very demanding jobs. Exhaustion is another characteristic of these types of dogs, so look for a dog that has stamina that will last you both long and short.

The last thing we’ll discuss today is personality. While personality is certainly not the most important characteristic to look for in a military dog or a police dog, it is still important. A good military dog breed should be friendly, outgoing, and confident. Some dog breeds are naturally more dominant than others and might be better suited to guard duty. However, most police dog breeds will do well in a controlled environment as long as the owner maintains control. This means that any commanding the dog has to remain consistent – otherwise the dog could turn aggressive.

Grooming Requirements

Some other traits that might be desirable in some breeds, but not in other dog breeds are grooming requirements. Police and military dog breeds will require a good amount of grooming. Grooming is necessary to help keep the skin of these dogs in top form. A good head of hair on a dog is an essential part of its appearance and this will depend upon the breed and origin. Aids can be bought for police and military dog breeds to keep their skin and coat in top condition


It might be a little more difficult to choose between the various police and military dog breeds, especially if you have little experience with dogs. The Internet is a great source of information, and you might even want to talk to other police or military handlers to see what they think about each breed. Once you choose which dog breeds you’d like to add to your family, remember that size doesn’t necessarily mean functionality. Select a dog that has plenty of energy and that suits your lifestyle and you will have a great companion for life.

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