Choosing Between The Popular Japanese Dog Breeds

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Japanese dog breeds are small and adorable. They have been known to stand about two feet high at the shoulder and often weigh in the range of seven to ten pounds. They have pointed ears and almond shaped eyes. These distinctive features have made them one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

Small Dogs Are A Joy To Own And Run Around In

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These small dogs are a joy to own and run around in. Many people enjoy having them around because of their small size. They are also very loving and loyal. They love spending time with their family and guests. However, because of their small size they need to be handled often and not just left on a sofa or bed.

Small Japanese dog breeds can be difficult to train. They have a tendency to want to look at you or the people around them the most. They have a strong loyalty and will follow whoever shows dominance over them. Because of their natural tendency to guard their territory they are great dogs for home security. If they do not have enough exercise they can develop aggression.

If you want small dog breeds large dogs with lots of personality are out there. Some of the more well rounded types of Japanese dog breeds would be an Akita, Chow, German Shepherd, Hyenas, Japanese Greyhound and Yorkshire Terrier. However, they can also come in the form of other small breeds as well. In fact the Japanese dog is considered the largest amongst all breeds of Japanese dogs.

Dogs Are Small In Nature

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Some of these dogs are small in nature but have a very strong and brave heart. They often like to herd people or animals together. Some have been known to be headstrong and willful and can be destructive.

The Japanese dog should not be over-exercised. They need to be able to walk around on a loose leash. Too many dogs tend to think they are always in charge and do not respect boundaries. They can develop behavioral issues and often become anti-social, if not properly trained.

Japanese Dog Breeds

When looking at the different Japanese dog breeds small ones are probably the most popular. There are numerous reasons why people choose the small Japanese dog for their family. These include space concerns, price, health concerns and even size. Smaller ones are very effective for apartment living because they need less space than their larger counterparts. Some of these smaller Japanese dog breeds are even used as watchdogs.

Last Words

The Hyenas are another great choice for small dog breeds. Hyenas are very active and loyal to the family and will be a great companion. Hyenas also have a thick coat that needs to be taken care of. A hyena should never be seen without their natural teeth. The Hyena is a breed that should be taken very seriously and socialized properly as a very protective and independent breed.

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